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“New Tech, Pure Hybrid & Redesign”-Ferrari SF90 Stradale



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Ferrari has always been known for its speed and top-class horsepower. To defeat Ferrari many of the competitors tried to introduce many of the superfast cars and they did actually.

But that doesn’t mean Ferrari stops and loses the race. Ferrari is the heart of the track and speed and no one can take away these two things from the track.

Source: Supercars

Keeping in mind, Ferrari warned everyone to fasten their seat belts because here comes the fastest Ferrari in the world “Ferrari SF90 Stradale”.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the fastest car in the world no doubt on that, but along with that it’s the most powerful Ferrari ever made.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale- Design, Hybrid & Fast

Ferrari SF90 Stradale has become the first-ever hybrid car designed by the company and you can drive it in silent mode. Now people will come and argue that LA Ferrari is also the fastest and hybrid than what about it?

Wait a second, LA Ferrari has 950 horsepower and Ferrari SF90 Stradale holds 985 horsepower so in that who’s the fastest?

Source: Pakwheels

Not only that, one of the coolest things about this car is that it can fully function in an electric drive mode and it cost you half a million dollars.

A very limited and few in the market. Too hard to get your hands on, so that’s why our own Supercar Blondie arranged this beautiful fastest car for us.

At the back, the badge looks premium with a silver shine on it and a clean finish. It looks like floating at the back which grabs all the attention.

It feels like Ferrari worked on designs and made some alterations. As the tail lights mostly in Ferraris have in round shape, but on SF9 Stradale it’s square-shaped and that’s unique.

Source: Automacha

Below you get a carbon fiber diffuser with the two exhaust pipes in the middle of the car.

Just with the back Ferrari changed their design to make something cool this time. Not only from the back but also the front side also get the massive design change and that’s something you don’t expect from Ferrari.

Even they have changed their traditional L shape headlights into C shape which looks interesting.

Whole New Updated Interior

First thing first the door, where you see the fully coated carbon fiber on the door and also the door open buttons.

Source: Google

Let’s get inside, the coolest feature is the key holder, instead of giving a hanging holder, they have created a small compartment specifically for it.

They gave the old school race car a digital gear-changing look, which does look real but it’s not. As talking about the update, here on the steering wheel, you won’t get the engine start home button instead you need to right swipe it over the steering wheel.

Source: Carbuzz

With the first white the digital screen comes on and with the next swipe the engine starts that’s impressive.

There’s no shame in admitting that Ferrari has done a great job in updating the car keeping in mind the modern era.

From steering wheel to control functions, everything is digital and that’s something nowadays people want in a car.

Ferrari launched two versions of it, Ferrari SF90 Stradale and if you want more sporty power then go with SF90 Assetto Fiorano which surely contains more carbon fiber and makes the car 21 kilogram lighter.

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