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Three Years & Still Worth It-Bugatti Divo, A Ride Towards Smoothness



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Every celebrity’s dream is to have a supercar not only them but every car lover dream of having a fast sports car in their garage. Although there are tons of supercars without any doubt and they are super fast for sure.

But there’s one car that always stays on top when it comes to design, speed, and style statement. That you have seen every celebrity driving or owns that particular car.


None other than ‘Bugatti’, Bugatti is the brand that everyone loves to own because it’s outclassed in every manner.

Bugatti isn’t behind the race, they still sell out the most expensive cars in the market and people do buy them.

Source: Bugatti

It’s been two years and Bugatti’s latest edition screaming on the road not how much it cost, but because it’s ultimate. “Bugatti Divo”

Bugatti Divo-Exterior of $8 Million Car

Source: Youtube

There’s no shame in admitting that Bugatti Divo is beautiful with its look. To get your hands on this beautiful car, you need to be special because they aren’t giving to any ordinary people seriously.

Today it’s worth around $8 Million, however, when it was released it might have cost you $6 Million for sure. Talking about the design, there’s a whole lot of changes have been done compared to Bugatti Chiron.

Design & New Look

One of the coolest things about this car is the daytime light with the boomerang shape and to give a more aggressive look they had pushed it wider.

Source: Caricos

Another amazing feature in the design, that they had divided the car into two areas. White and blue, blue is for function and white is for design purposes.

Even the split on the colors was also done purposely to give the car a lowlier to the road look than Chiron.

The weight of the beauty is 35 Kilo lighter than Chiron. Nice louvers are designed to expel the air from the wheel.

Source: Slashgear

Another major design change you will see in the Divo is the fin running down the back. The main purpose of designing fin in such a way, to throw the air out of the engine bay rather than rotating over the engine bay.

It’s a nice idea to keep the flow suspend every air out of the car. At the back down below you get four exhaust pipes in the center and two separate ones on right and left sides.

Source: PakWheels

The last two pipes are hidden on either side and facing downwards and it has been done to reduce the loud noise of exhaust pipes.

Taillights aren’t hidden behind a shiny glass panel, they are exposed in such a way that it’s impressive and unexpressive.

Now comes the engine, W16 engine with 1500 horsepower which makes it 8 liters of w16 and has four turbo charges insane.

Interior More Exclusivity

First, eye-catching stuff when you get inside, that’s the door interior and that stitching it’s smooth. Stitch of birds taking off flights that’s impressive purely and fully exposed carbon fiber door.

There’s a lot of carbon fiber used in this car, inside the middle the area is also carbon fiber which surely gives you the sporty feel.

Source: Carbuzz

Also, you get the middle C-shaped design consist between you and the passenger seat which glows when the engine gets on.

Bugatti Divo surely an expensive sporty-looking car with a new design and premium quality. It gives you the feel of a real sport driver and allows you to enter into the Bugatti smooth driving world.

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