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Convertible But Expensive-Lexus LC 500 & V8 Aspirant



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2021 has been great for the supercars no doubt about that because the way car manufacturers are producing some amazing cars and grabbing the audience’s attention it’s unbelievable.

One of the famous car manufacturers ‘Lexus’ has come up with a unique design, unexpected features, and supercar concept.

Source: Car and Driver

“Convertible Lexus LC500” people who don’t know it’s the first every convertible car designed by the company.

In most cases people might don’t agree with the statement of supercar collaborating with it, but whatever you say it is the supercar in every manner.

From design to its advanced technology that controls the car’s inside climate as per your body temperature and that’s what every driver surely wants currently.

Lexus LC 500-V8, High Tech & Super Crazy

Source: YouTube

Lexus LC 500 shocked the car lovers out there the day it came out with the true V8 Aspirant engine that has no turbocharges, no hybrid stuff in it and that’s insane.

If such supercars come out on the road and Supercar Blondie won’t review it that’s not going to happen.

She did a whole video on it and explained every feature of it that makes him a supercar. First, how about we look inside of it?

The sports car seats with pure comfort, one of the amazing features are the car’s front speedometer the way it starts it looks damn cool in every manner.

The detailing of the car seats is amazing, the stitching of the patterns of every single tiny detail is eye-catching.

Source: Carscoops

There’s no digital assistant, on steering on if press one of the buttons the speedometer physically moves back and forth as per the command and not like the other cars which got the digital thing.

Inside you see other incredible features such as the infotainment area, where you see a trackpad which as per the audience hard to use, but it also got scroll functions too to enjoy yourself.

Source: Canadian Auto Review

Beside your seat, there’s come your important feature a cubby hole that gives you two toggles for the roof and window. And lets you enjoy the convertible experience at once.

The roof escape is damn quick; it takes off the roof from over your head in 15 seconds and voila. Another toggle slides up the windows and that’s also very quick.

The passenger seat got handles on both sides to hold yourself in case your driver goes mad and try the car’s top speed.

Dope from Outside and Premium Design

We looked inside insane feature, but there’s something more to come on your way. First the door lock, either you can lock it with your car key button or do it manually.

Source: Autoworld

And the handle isn’t the ordinary like others do have, plus you might see a green light above the door that gives you the signal that the car is locked.

The manual door lock feature is very important for those who mostly forget their keys and struggle to lock their car.

Source: YouTube

The whole exterior design looks elegant, brilliant, and dope in every manner. Tadao Mori did an impressive job on design for sure.

The car is super, so is the price too. The car’s starting price is $100,000 which’s too much because most people don’t think that Lexus can produce such an expensive car, but they did.

You can get Porsche 911 at the same price because Lexus doesn’t have that style to pull off supercars as McLaren and Porsche does.




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