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Mid-Engine Superfast Audi R8 2021 Edition On-Road



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Audi is something that everyone desires to have in their garage. It’s one of the most popular car manufacturer companies in the world.

No one avoids the amazing creation by Audi, their unique design and the superfast engine makes them ultimate.

Source: Newcar Car

Every year you see new Audi cars on road competing with their competitor to stay at the top. This year, Audi has done an amazing job with exceptional cars which made it to the headline such as Audi RS E-Tron and their futuristic Audi SkySphere.

In early 2021, Audi launched their new R series which is a mid-engine and known as ‘Audi R8’. As per the famous YouTuber Supercar Blondie, it’s the lower-priced version of Lamborghini and unique in every manner.

Source: YouTube

Enough talking and let’s jump to the main Audi R8 exclusive.

Audi R8 The Mid-Engine Supercar-It’s The Beauty

Just take a moment and appreciate the car designers for creating this beautiful car. Audi has worked on this car to make it different from their other R series editions. From front to back, everything looks premium and amazing.

Source: Guide Auto

For those who don’t know, Audi has updated and redesigned R8. They did as much as they could to recreate R8 and let the audience feel the difference.

Audi R8 from the air vent is the broader same thing that happened at the back too. On the back the rear diffuser sort of moved up a little bit along with the massive exhausts.

Source: Newcar cars

Audi R8 comes with 20 inch wide tyres, which is optional because you can even have a 19inch one as well.

Now the main feature of the Audi R8, the thing that’s it all hyped for and that’s the natural aspirant V10 engine.

This aspirant V10 engine comes with 600 horsepower and a top speed of 300 Kmh. Now why it’s the lower price Lamborghini, because Audi used the same engine that had been used in Lamborghini Hurricane.

Source: Wikimedia

The only difference between these two is that Audi R8 costs you 50,000 less than Hurricane. Looking at the price difference, it’s the big one. The backlight looks cool and the back wing isn’t movable at all.

You have seen the back Audi logo in silver, but R8 has black which goes totally with the color combination.

Audi R8 Updated Interior

Source: Car Interior

Now comes the interior where you will witness the comfort. The seats got plush leather with a stitching textured design which gives a pure premium feeling. Audi tried to provide more comfort and that’s why they insulated from that engine sound.

The steering wheel won’t look like an ordinary Audi one. It has a full-on sporty mode with some major touches.

Source: Carbuzz

The side toggles and small compartments to store your stuff. The infotainment screen also provides you the information you need.

Compare to the older version of R8, the updated one has some major changes which make her superior and outstanding. Because this time Audi went with the traditional use of carbon fiber that can be seen on the exterior design of the car.




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