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“Ferrari’s New ‘Cutting Edge’ Simulator” Everything You Need To Know



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In the world of Formula One, many car manufacturers are been dominating and taking their lead. Among those leaders, Ferrari used to be the most demanding and dominant team in Formula One.

It’s still every driver’s dream to be part of the Ferrari team and they have been progressing in terms of performance.

Source: F1

Yesterday Ferrari came forward and unveiled their ‘Cutting Edge’ simulator at Fiorano that’s going to help the team to develop all new cars for F1 2022.

We all are aware of Formula One cars, they are super-fast and heavy engine build. Ferrari recently suffering due to some engine issues and from development-wise too.

But what’s exactly it is? For a non-formula one fan it’s something new and to let you guys know let’s get on the pit.

Ferrari Cutting Edge Simulator


From a viewer’s perspective, Ferrari is surely struggling in Formula one, but gradually they are heading towards success and the background team has decided to do something about it.

The team principal Mattia Binotto willing to take a risk as the sport is entering into the new era of aerodynamics for which Mercedes is always known for.

Source: BBC

Aerodynamics believe it or not it’s the most complicated and crucial puzzle piece in the simulator. As per the sources, the new simulator is the generational leap over the current one, and the team calling it ‘spider’.

The new simulator has been developed in a partnership with one of the known British company ‘Dynisma.’

Source: Reddit

As per the Race report, “the driver-in-loop simulation is a long-established tool which is not only critical for driver preparation but also the development of the car.

After all Formula One is a sport that marries the man with the machine and for them to be in total harmony with each other, this becomes one of the most crucial tools.”

Ferrari believes and hopes that this simulator might play an important role in developing fast cars for 2022 races. That would surely give a big advantage to the team.

Ferrari Head Supply Chain-Gianmari Fulgenzi

Source: Ferrari

Gianmari Fulgenzi, the head of Ferrari Supply chain said, “Simulation and digital technology are going to play an ever more important role in the development of a Formula 1 car and we believe we have made the best possible choice, focusing on creating a tool that will enable us to make a generational leap in this sector.”

Further, he added, “To produce it, we chose Dynisma, a young and dynamic company. It took two years to complete this project and now we are ready to start using it on the 674 projects and the name given to the car that will be produced based on the new technical regulations that come into force in 2022.”

Source: Scuderia Ferrari

Even the Ferrari Boss Mattia Binotto has been working in the upgrading team’s infrastructural system and seen when they partnered with AWS their cloud provide which might help them in the future in development.

Source: F1

Till now Ferrari’s most promising driver Charles Leclerc has revealed that he has tested the 2022 car in the simulator and regarding that he shared his experience too.

According to him, “It feels very different, “Then I think it’s a question mark for everyone, whether we are developing well or not. It’s such a different project. It’s very, very early days so nobody knows where we are positioning ourselves compared to the others. But we are working on it.”

Well, now fans just have to wait until the development comes to an end because it looks like Ferrari F1 willing to get back on the track and win podiums.

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