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“Vintage With Modern Parts”-Aston Martin’s DB 14 GT Continuation



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Aston Martin one of the finest car producers in the world, who have showcased their skills in many ways. They have been producing new, exciting cars for their audience and people are falling in love with them.

This year, Aston Martin come up with something unique, old but with a modern look. The old DB 4 GT 1959 Continuation model everyone has surely seen in many movies and real-life as well.

Source: Aston Martins Work

Aston Martin decided to bring it back with the same design in the 21st century with the premium look and powerful engine.

The Hardest Car To Drive-DB 14 GT Continuation

Many of the companies rebuilding the old vintage cars, but couldn’t keep that essence of it and that’s why some of them failed to justify it.

But Aston Martin purely rebuilds it the same thing except for the engine, suspension, brakes these things are new to the model.

Even the seats, which are made of carbon fiber, and a new type of seats installed as well.

Supercar Blondie got the leverage to review this oldest into the newest driving piece and explained every insight of it.

Apart from the new installation in the car, the whole design truly gives you the old DB 14 GT Continuation look and you won’t be able to recognize that it’s built-in 2019 or 1959.

For a fun fact, for those who don’t know this particular car became an Icon because Aston Martin’s top racing driver ‘Sir Sterling Moss’ took this beauty in the Silverstone Track and won the race.

Source: Car Advice

Plus it only made 75 in total cars, but now they have extra 25 cars for the upcoming generation to experience the real drive.

The car is legendary so as the price too if you think to buy it now it might cost you around three or four million dollars for sure. But if you go with the newly designed one, with all-new Aston Martin parts costs you $3.25 Million.

Source: Car Magazine

It’s a racing car, so the amount they are charging for the newly rebuild DB 14 GT Continuation sort of fair because they are providing you with almost everything. Spare set of tires premium quality ones and other things too.

The new engine is more powerful because it has 4.2 liters flat-six 340 horsepower and it gives a little bit more power than the original.

Interior of DB 14 GT Continuation

While you step in, you find a cage that covers the side of the seat and that’s because the old has it. The raw case is everywhere inside the car. It has four gears and as mentioned it’s the world’s hardest car to drive.

Source: Car Magazine

Even the interior speedometer, dashboard everything looks exactly like the old DB 14. One interesting, once you start the car and put it in first gear you need to hear the sound clunk. If the clunk sound hits then your car is in first gear.

DB 14 GT Continuation isn’t an ordinary car at all, you need to learn this car to drive because it’s a race track car and even though you know how to drive still you might face difficulty driving this piece.

But there’s no denying in admitting that Aston Martin did a fine job with this piece and produced a legendary car with a modern engine.




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