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“Supercar Along With Full Luxurious Elements” Bentley Continental GT



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The car industry is booming with heavy production and sales. Every major car manufacturer producing some of the finest cars and grabbing the attention of the customers.

Among all those cars, Bentley seriously stood up and shown to the world that what they can produce.

Source: SuperCars

From supercars to luxurious ones no one ever thought Bentley can pull every element off and produce some of the outstanding cars.

This is 2019 and Bentley has come up with something unique and marvelous.

Source: YouTube

“Bentley Continental GT” with the name it surely sounds like a sports car or supercar, right? But Bentley did a little twist and added some luxurious elements which make this car a luxury car too.

Bentley did every possible research to design this car because it’s purely different from their previous GT editions and no one can deny that Continental GT is beautiful.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the car and go through every detail of it. Because this car surely deserves it.

Bentley Continental GT-Design Exterior

Source: Tech Crunch

Just look at this beauty, every side of the car gives a premium feeling and hard work that the designers have invested in it.

They have come up with a new shape let me clear this thing out first and will look at some new cool features of the car too.

First and foremost, the headlights that’s impressive with the crystal cut inside. If you look closely, it looks like a sharp ice crystal coming out of the headlights.

Source: Newcarcars

Bentley Continental GT has 12 cylinders with W12 six-liter engine which will give you 626 horsepower and that’s insane in every manner.

The car doors have some unique features, meaning once you open the door it stays still doesn’t move and open wide.

It will help you if you park the car beside another car which is too close to your car.

Supercar Blondie one of the famous YouTuber who reviews every car from vintage to new one got the leverage to review Bentley Continental GT too.

The back of the car also looks elegant with the Bentley logo in the center. The logo is not steady, it’s a button that opens the back trunk which has a wide space to store your stuff nicely.

Bentley Continental GT-Interior

Source: Nuvo Magazine

Bentley Continental GT exterior no doubt grabs the attention, but the interior surely takes the breath away. Because the way Bentley came up with the concept and color combination is tremendous.

From the outside, it might not look luxurious, but the moment you open the door every luxurious detail is exposed.

Source: Carbuzz

From door’s interior premium and clean stitching to comfort seat. The whole interior color combination takes this car to a whole new level.

The steering wheel also goes with the color combination of the interior covered with the leather around it.

Source: CarBuzz

One of the most interesting features inside the Bentley Continental GT is the infotainment screen which has three sides and that’s something no one is offering to you.

Bentley Continental GT isn’t only a sporty car, it’s two in one actually sports car with the addition of luxurious compliments and details which no doubt enhance the look of the car.

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