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The Most Powerful Mercedes AMG! Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4Matic+



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There’s no denying admitting that Mercedes has been producing some of the insane supercars and satisfying the need of their loyal customers. They are entering every area of the car to let their precious customers experience the real speed.

Source: Outlook India

In 2019, Mercedes decided to produce something that has more power, performance, and a high-end engine installed.

Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4Matic+ has the most powerful engine ever installed out of all AMG models released till now.

Source: Motor1

The design surely gives the pure S class vibe and it has long-distance comfort too. There’s no chance, Mercedes wastes a single penny on something that doesn’t worth it. AMG GT63 offers you everything comfort, performance, and a powerful engine.

Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4Matic+ – Exterior – Powerful Engine

Before jumping into details take a clear look at this beautiful car, it’s gorgeous and sleek in design.

Mercedes AMG GT63 S comes with satisfaction for both performance lovers and visual ones. Going to the front side, this model has an active arrow that refers usually to the wind moving up and down.

Source: Motor1

As mentioned above, it has the most powerful engine the GT 63 S, with a version of that V-8 tweaked for 630 horsepower and 664 pounds-feet, the nine-speed and all-wheel drive, plus extras including a performance exhaust system.

It’s not usual to have such a high horsepower engine in a 4-door car mainly, it’s slightly higher than Mercedes GTR sports cars.

Source: Motor1

The front grill looks impressive and it incorporates the whole exterior. The Mercedes badge uplift the charm of the car. Below the grill, there are a lot of small vents that feed more air into the car and it happens quickly. The headlights look impressive with the design and nothing looks off if you look at it closely.

Source: Motor1

The backside of the Mercedes AMG doesn’t give you the vibe of a standard S version, because it’s more aggressive with the thin sleek design taillights and more importantly the exhaust pipes dope.

Even get the big room inside the boot, where you can easily store your two luggage and more stuff as well.

Source: ZerotoTurbo

Compare to the standard one, the GT 63 S costs you more around $159,995 and it’s worth the money looking at the performance.

Two years back, Mercedes launched the Maybach G-650 Landaulet and offered their customer ultra-luxurious vehicles.

Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4Matic+ – Interior

In the Mercedes AMG GT63 S, there are a lot of tech advancement can be seen which allows the driver experience the futuristic approach of the Mercedes.

Source: Mercedes Benz Media Group

In the darkness, the interior looks great with the blue lights on the door making the whole environment cool.

Source: Mercedes Benz Media Group

Coming to the comfortable seats, the leather and stitching might give you a premium feel without any issue.

Mercedes didn’t do any fancy stuff with the steering, they kept it simple classic with some functional buttons and the same seat leather material used on the steering wheel.




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