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“Luxurious Cars Resting In Dust”-Dubai’s Supercars Scrap Yard



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Have you ever heard about the abandoned supercars yard? No, then you are surely missing out on everything when it comes to scrap supercars.

There’s an abandoned supercars yard in Dubai, which holds endless cars that you could have imagined to own and those fancy automobiles standing there in the dust.

Source: Car Scoops

From Ferrari to Mercedes name any one of the well-known cars and there you will find it. Not every car is a scrap one, you might find brand news sports cars as well.

They ship every supercar on daily basis and collect the damaged ones too. Like, imagine a Ferrari worth 15000$ standing there with no engine and covered in dust.

The whole yard covered with luxurious cars under dust and people still buy it.

Abandoned Supercars in Dubai

It’s a place where the limited edition of Ferraris, multiple Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, Nissan Skylines, and even a Honda NSX can be found.

As per the sources, around 2,000 to 3,000 cars are left there by the owners every year.

Even the director of Dubai’s waste management Abdul Majeed Saifaie said, “some of the cars are eventually moved and impounded if they obstruct roads or impact on safety, but others are left as they were, sometimes for years before they’re recovered.”

It became a major headline when on social media Ferrari Enzo shown sitting in dust and people assumed that Dubai’s people are so rich that they left Millions of Dollar worth drive just like that.

Source: PakWheels

Many of the cars left there, because of the price plunge and financial crisis came there in hope of building luxurious life.

Supercar Blondie At Abandoned Supercars Yard:

To put the cherry on top and let us explore the Abandoned Supercars Yard one of the famous people in such a luxurious ‘Super Car Blondie’ took the leverage of going there and took a tour of that car yard. To let you know these cars bought by the highest bidder don’t forget that.

Source: Dexerto

As she mentioned at the start of the video Ferrari California T’s newest delivery came in front of her and the look of that car was super-premium.

Not only that Rolls Royce Wraith fully damaged covered in dust standing there, but there’s no doubt someone might have raised a higher bid for it.

Source: Motor1

Imagine you see Lamborghini Hurrican standing there with massive dust sitting there for years that you can’t take it off. But still, it’s going to be worth higher than expected. It’s a place where you might find the best supercars in the world.

How to Buy Abandoned & Used Cars from The Yard?

No doubt, Dubai is a metropolitan city where luxurious cars are the hub of it. But if you want to buy any of those who how can you get your hands on them?

The simplest way, you need to register yourself for the auction, because as mentioned people do buy these cars whoever bids higher for a specific car.

Visit these as they are popular for legit auction Copartmea and Emirates Auction.

Abandoned Supercars Yard is the must place to visit if you are in love with luxurious cars. That’s what it all about.




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