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Experience The Real Vintage Speed-Aston Martin Victor



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Aston Martin one of the fastest car producers on earth has come up with the new addition in their Garage “Aston Martin Victor.” Greet Victor, as most of you don’t know that it’s the latest unique, fastest-designed car by Aston Martin’s Q Advanced Operations department and there might no other Victor editions as well.

Source: Top Gear

Whenever any manufacturer produces a sports car, the main focus mostly stays with the design to make it stand out and sometimes engineers get in the engine to make it faster like never before.

Aston Martin Victor falls in both categories, it’s unexpectedly unique in design, and its super-powerful engine wow makes it faster like a bullet.

Aston Martin-The Victor is Here:

Before we jump into the design and cover the whole Victor from inside out. It’s better to talk about the most lethal weapon which completes as the major combination with design and that’s none other than the engine.

Source: GtSpirit

a low-mileage carbon-fiber monocoque and V-12 engine from a One-77 prototype installed cleanly. Kyler Fortune from Motor Trend got the privilege to explore beauty from every angle and shared his views.

Source: Pinterest

“An unabashed nod to the V8 Vantage of the 1970s and ’80s,” “he is happy to let a handful of people drive the Victor.”

The Exterior of Aston Martin Victor:

As mentioned Aston Martin Victor holds its vintage style from the 1980s with some modernistic finishing design.

Source: Esquire Middle East

One of the most interesting features of the exterior design is the custom wheel. Yes! You heard it right, custom wheels, that give you impressive pleasure to own your car in your way.

Source: Drive

Looking at the design surely feels organic, to give it a proper vintage look from every angle, they added smaller and round turn signals at the lower corners.

It’s the perfect race car design with the dark green color and massive side skirts.

Interior of Aston Martin Victor:

Talked about the exterior, it’s time to get inside, and in one word it’s ‘unique. Aston Martin is known for its superpower racing cars and Victor also falls in that category too in every possible way.

Source: Motor1

Carbon fiber on every instrument installed inside surely gives a racing car look. The steering wheel comes from the Valkyrie, with various controls and it’s not for a normal driving car.

Not only that, race-spec pedals and most importantly comfortable sports seats provide a better experience.

Source: Motor1

Drivetrain setup gives you twin coolers a bespoke motorsport clutch. To provide the ultimate experience at the track, the car is equipped with the same inboard springs and dampers as the track-only Aston Martin Vulcan.

Aston Martin Victor-Is it Fast Enough?

Although there’s no official release on how fast it is, it’s been predicted that it might hit 60mph in less than 20 seconds.

No doubt, it might also hit more than 200 mph as well. Because as everyone knows it’s a racing car and there’s no way it would hit below that.

Aston Martin Victor would be more powerful on the Silver Stone Stowe circuit with the super speed to experience the real sports car. On the other hand, it might also cost you around $3 Million.




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