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“Different Parts, But One Sports Car”-Ares Design S1 & Its Inspirations



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In this current generation, having a luxurious car is the main style element and that’s the legit effect of the people around you.

Owning a hyped car falls in a great criterion, but if you own a hypercar then you are the most favorite person on earth.

Source: The Auto Hub Online

“Ares Design S1” is the exclusivity of the supercar, without even driving it, people fall in love with its premium unique design that catches everyone’s attention at once.

Ares Design S1 is a Corvette-based supercar, that’s launched by the company Ares whose been led by the former ‘Lotus CEO Dany Bahar.’

Source: Autocars

Some of the parts have been borrowed from the American mid-engined sports car such as chassis, engine, gearbox, and electronic underpinnings.

With the look, it’s banging on, even with the performance too. Aspirated V-8, the S1 packs 705 horsepower, isn’t it too much to ask? That’s more than expected from the Corvette and it feels like it’s their first-ever beefed car.

Ares Design S1-Epic Limited Edition Car

It’s impossible that such an amazing car arrives and Supercar Blondie doesn’t give it a try. Even though she bought Ares Design S1 in such an outstanding color combination Black and White, that takes every moment with it.

Source: YouTube

Although believe it or not, Supercar Blondie became the first-ever person who got delivered this beauty and it’s going to be limited to 24 cars only.

Source: The Auto Hub Online

The wheels look huge, the dynamic also seems insane 21inch front wheels and 22Inch back. One of the coolest things, that the owners can decide which type of wheels they want and in whatever size they want too.

Not only that, as it stated Ares Design S1 will be limited and 24 cars will only be produced. So each customer does have the privilege to customize in whatever way they want.

One of the eye-catching parts of the car is the side mirrors, it feels like they took the inspiration from Paganis Huayra and it does.  Even the headlights also the classic Pagani Zonda too.

It feels like the whole car took the bits of inspiration of the famous sports cars and fitted in the Ares Design S1.

Source Motor1

Because even the Exhaust pipes at the back also give you the same look of McLaren 600 LT and that’s something cool.

Now the tail light and it’s the beautiful design. And here you go another element burrowed and this time none other than Ferrari. Beneath the tail light, there’s a red flashlight same as LAFerrari got it.

Hyper Interior- Ares Design S1 & Comfort

Now let’s get inside of the car and experience the real comfort. The interior divided into two separate cabinets; sort of the thing you might witness in Corvette.

Source: Carscoops

The seats give you the racing seats feeling overall, even you can see the Ares logo on the seats too.

Classic highly tech appearance from the inside, the premium leather quality without any compromise, and exposed carbon fiber.

The S1 doesn’t have any sort of entertainment screen like currently, every best supercar have, but it got a screen mounted on the passenger-side dashboard.

So, that’s all you get from Ares Design S1 and there’s no shame in admitting that it’s the Hypercar. Although it burrowed or say inspired from various supercars and took bits of cool features to install in their car.




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