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After 20 Years Of Break! BMW M850i Coupe



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BMW is one of the most popular automakers in the world that offers ultimate supercars for their precious customers.

2019 has been a great start for BMW as initially, they have introduced a concept car “BMW Vision M Next” that breathes and it’s exceptional.

Source: Motor1

Now they are back with the newest edition of the BMW M series, it’s back in the market after long 20 years and it’s fully advanced with incredible features. BMW M850i has everything to offer without a doubt and there’s no chance that anyone can avoid it.

Source: Carscoop

There has been a lot of hype around this car because the true and loyal BMW fans want to know everything about this new M series.

So, let’s into it without wasting any time and check out some cool features added to M850i.

BMW M850i – Supreme Exterior

One thing you need to understand about this model is it has an M performance package, but it doesn’t have an M power BMW and for those who know about these two things flying in the sky.

Source: Motor1

Supercar Blondie one of the famous YouTubers out there got the privilege to go through this amazing M850i model.

First thing first, the performance is great, you get a twin-turbo V8 and are capable to produce 523 horsepower. When it comes to design, it has nothing special that someone looks at it and goes crazy. BMW kept the sleek and clean design overall. But still, this car looks epic.

Going to the backside of the car looks great with a huge exhaust facing to your face and covered in carbon fiber.

Source: Carhelpcanada

The back taillights also go with the design and you also find some tweaks have been made to get better aerodynamics. The backside looks beautiful with the whole element placed in the perfect place.

At the front side, you get to see the usual big BMW grill that everyone might have in upcoming BMW supercars.

Source: Motortrend

It gives you somehow coupe vibe as it’s the flagship car for BMW, the headlights are bright even it can any blind its that bright.

BMW M850i – Interior

Now the real action comes in, inside the car the most important feature above all is the crystal gear that looks stunning.

Source: BMW Egypt

Apart from that, if you are in low light and you open the door then you get to see some red light flashing on the door to signal others. Red and blue combination going with the interior design.

Source: Peakpx

You get the premium seats that give you pure classic and modern comfort with the cockpit-style seat design. Leather on the seat is also quality used without compromising.

Source: CarhelpCanada

As mentioned, it’s a performance car you get some gear shifters on the steering wheel which also has some toggle buttons for functions while driving.

BMW 850i is a great start for the M series after long years of break and there’s a lot of room to improve the whole thing.




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