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“Old, But Still An Expensive Sedan In The World”-Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf



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Aston Martin nailing it when it comes to producing the most expensive car in the market. They put everything into it, from design to engineering to aesthetic because once you look at it you won’t ignore it for sure.

Let me give you the world’s most expensive saloon so as Supercar Blondie said it, “Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf”.

Source: CarScopes

The way name is such unique so as the car, sorry my bad it’s not just the car its supercar in every manner. From Car key to its impressive interior that makes your mind was blown off and supreme design.

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf-Money Wheels

There’s no doubt, it’s the most expensive Sedan ever made because when it came out in 2014 and 2016 it was about $1 Million.

That’s right 1 million can you imagine that? At this price, you can surely buy the two fully functional, elite Rolls Royce Phantoms or stay with Lagonda Taraf.

Source: Money Inc

For those who don’t know, this car is based on Aston Martin’s Db9 model. Along with that the name Taraf means in Arabic ‘Ultimate Luxury’ and looking at this beauty surely name suits her.

Along with that, this car was specifically made for the Middle East region but did end up selling in other regions except in America.

Source: Carscoops

One of the interesting things about this car is that you might see the Lagonda badge rather than Aston Martin because Lagonda is owned by Aston Martin and that’s impressive.

In size, the car is massive supper long but still gives the sleek and stylish look to stay under the luxury radar. The backlights have this unique separate lighting thing, which currently in Bugatti Devo have this style of light.

Source Aston Martin

With this luxurious car, you get your own Lagonda umbrella and that’s something fancy. The car holds the V12 engine with 530 horsepower and that’s what under the hood.

In a designed manner they look aesthetically appealing in every manner, even the placement of the indicator lights which broke the ordinary old-time style and came with something unique.

The car doors are so premium, that it opens like a miniature butterfly with the little uplifted and that’s you might in every Aston Martin Car.

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf- Get Inside

Source: Motor1

The interior itself declares that why it’s the most expensive sedan in the world. The first thing that grabs every attention is the stitching of the seats and you get Alcantara on the roof.

The back passenger area is also premium, the space for the headroom is insane, and some incredible features. s

Source: Carscoops

You get the fridge at back to store some drinks, as it’s an old Lagonda Taraf you and get a center console. The steering wheel is simple, elegant, and classic.

Yes! This car was launched in 2014, but there might have been some reasons that why it’s the most expensive sedan in the world. And that’s what we covered.

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf is truly the most luxurious car in the world in every aspect from interior to exterior.




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