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“For The First Time Ever Butterfly Doors” Maserati MC20 Edition



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Maserati is one of the supercars in the world, that has always shocked the fans out there with some unique features. It’s also one of the cars that every celebrity has in their garage and shining with glamour in there.

But why? Because it has every element to offer to its precious audience, it has uniqueness, charm, and personality. None of the supercars have managed to maintain such a high profile in the market.

Source: Motor1

That’s why looking at the demand Maserati comes up with butterfly doors. YES! World’s first-ever Maserati that has butterfly doors and that’s “Maserati MC20”.

Maserati looked like listened to the supercar lovers out there and thought let’s give them a huge gift by designing the first-ever butterfly doors in their newest edition MC20.

Source: Supercar Blog

Maserati never disappoints when it comes to producing supercars, two years back in 2019 when Maserati launched MC12 with a sleek look that captured everyone’s attention.

Maserati MC20 With Butterfly Doors-Design Takes All

Source: World Today News

When Maserati MC20 launched everyone’s eye stuck on one thing, that’s none other than the butterfly doors.

Because it’s one of the coolest features and it’s the world’s first Maserati that has this thing. Apart from doors, the overall design of the car also looks exceptional in every manner.

Source: Cash Car Buyers

On the front, you will notice the redesign Maserati trident if you are a Maserati fan then you must know the trident on previous cars. And the headlights also look great with the internal engraving of Maserati.

Source: Peakpx

Maserati MC20 comes in with a twin-turbo V6, which is going to produce around 630 horsepower. Till now the prototype has been revealed, but the prototype tested on the track which is insane.

Even after the production, the engine will stay the same, there will be no changes done.

One of the fun facts, in 22 years it’s also the first time Maserati will be building their engines that are supercooled.

Source: Auto e Design

Now the back, which gives the little bit gran tourism vibe but what Maserati did that they squished the size of it. Which made the backlights thin and long gated rather than a thick one.

Source: SlashGear

It looks like Maserati entered into a new era of the mid-engine supercar.

Maserati MC20-Interior You Need To Look

First of all the seats, which are pure sporty ones with the bucket style with the blue and black color combination. It gives a premium design look with a full sporty look.

Source: Maserati

There’s no hard and fast rule to start this super beautiful car, on the steering wheel you get a start and stop button which allows you to fly on the road. You also get the drive mode selector too.

Come to the infotainment screen, Maserati didn’t go with the attached one that usually other supercar does.

Source: Slashgear

They went with the floating one, plus you don’t have to press buttons, because it’s a touch screen infotainment screen which is quite nice.

The overall look of the Maserati MC20 is incredible, if you are new to the Maserati world then surely you will fall in love with their new design along with that coolest feature above all butterfly doors.




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