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“The New Ghost In Town” Rolls Royce Ghost & Its Premium Look



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Whenever we talk about luxurious cars, there are so many names that pop up in our heads with exclusive design and top-notch speed.

Not only that, the comfort and style statement such cars provide. Among those cars, there’s one specific brand’s car that every single celebrity or athlete owns it and that’s none other than Rolls Royce.

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Rolls Royce has produced some of the magnificent cars in the past decade and in 2019 Rolls Royce also introduced their futuristic conceptual car ‘Rolls Royce 103EX’ which stunned the world purely.

But it’s the future that matters now, what Rolls Royce got for their audience in 2021.

Source: Car and Driver

With the great premium look that they don’t ever compromise on, Rolls Royce brings you “The Ghost”. Yes! Rolls Royce Ghost is the 2021 exclusive car they have launched and it’s seriously epic in every manner.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021-Interior Comfort & Starlight

Source: Car Buzz

Before looking at the exterior how about getting inside of the ghost and experience the comfort. One of the coolest features in Rolls Royce Ghost is the doors, especially when you open in from inside it automatically opens up you don’t have to push it.

That’s something Rolls Royce listened to their customers because their doors physical is so heavy to push. Plus you the inside door close button too.

Source: Carbuzz

On the passenger seats at the back you get, a big entertainment screen in front of you. Rolls Royce used the real wood inside their ghost model and it gives the premium finishing touch. A mini-refrigerator and the seats look so comfortable.

And another coolest feature of the Rolls Royce Ghost is the starlight on the roof, which looks amazing.

Source: Motor1

The quality of the seats gives you the real luxurious feeling in every way the moment you sit on them. Now let’s jump forward and look at what are they have there.

The front dashboard also gives you a feel of the luxurious car, that costs you thousands of dollars. The front infotainment screen is long with broken down in different panels but looks gorgeous with the ghost name on it and stars.

Source: AutoEvolution

The weirdest thing about this car, which in front you don’t have a door close button and that’s bizarre.

They have even gone with the smaller steering wheel, not like their usual big ones. The car is also so quiet, that you don’t feel your car has started and Rolls Royce installed 100 Kg soundproof materials inside.

Source: Motor Authority

Exterior & Massive superpower Engine

Rolls Royce Ghost has a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 with 530 horsepower installed in it. So, it’s not just a luxurious car it’s all in one. Just take your time and have a look around this beauty.

There’s no shame in admitting that Rolls Royce design the most luxurious cars on this planet.

Source: Motor1

The car is 5.5 meters long and that’s believe it or not insane. The front and the whole design of the car are new, you won’t be able to see it in the previous of the ghost.

The back looks classy just like Rolls Royce, with the two exhaust pipes and different layered tail lights.

Rolls Royce Ghost is the fully upgraded version of the old one and the company managed to pull off something extremely unique and classic.




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