Hub Of Vehicles! Tokyo Motor Show Background History


Tokyo is one of the most advanced and fast-growing countries when it comes to tech. Not only in tech but also in automobiles, Tokyo is considered to be one of the hubs of supercars and they have produced some insane cars in the past decades.

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Not only that they have also involved themselves in organizing the finest motor shows in the world. Yes! Their annual Tokyo Motor Show is the most popular one and is considered as one of the anticipated motor shows in the world.

There have been elite car companies who participate in this mega annual event of Tokyo and exhibit the future of the automobile.

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It’s better to get back into the history of this iconic event and spread some knowledge about it before someone attends the event.

Tokyo Motor Show – Big Fest of Auto Mobiles

Tokyo Motor Show is officially hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). Originally the motor show named “All-Japan Motor Show was first held in an outdoor venue called Hibiya Park.

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It was a big success with 547,000 visitors over ten days and unexpectedly over 254 exhibitors displaying 267 vehicles. But the first official Tokyo Motor Show that took place in 1954 was held in Hibiya Park from April 20 to April 29.

It was a huge success, they even exhibited personal public transport as well. And in the event of 10 days almost around 547,000 visitors attended the show. The highlight of the event was the cars such as Austin A40, Hillman Minx, and the newly introduced Renault 4CV.

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Almost 254 Japanese companies joined the first auto show, showcasing the 267 motor vehicles, including 17 passenger cars.

It was the time when Tokyo Motor Show launched their rocket of success in the world of motor shows. Then year after year Tokyo Motor Show became famous internationally and more vehicle companies showed their interest.

Success towards the future of Tokyo Motor Show

As soon the time passed on, more vehicle companies joined the Tokyo Motor Show. In 2019, the last Tokyo Motor Show was held where they set the theme as “Open Future”.

In this event cars were exhibited mention below:

  • Daihatsu IcoIco
  • Daihatsu Rocky
  • Daihatsu TsumuTsumu
  • Daihatsu Waiwai
  • Daihatsu WakuWaku
  • Honda e
  • Honda Fit
  • Lexus LF-30 Electrified
  • Mazda MX-30
  • Mitsubishi ASX
  • Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept
  • Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon Concept
  • Nissan Ariya Concept
  • Nissan IMk Concept
  • Subaru Levorg Prototype
  • Suzuki Hustler concept
  • Suzuki WAKU Spo
  • Suzuki Hanare
  • Toyota LQ Concept
  • Toyota Mirai Concept
  • Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV

Up till now for the past two years, no Tokyo Motor Show held due to a high intense pandemic situation took place. For 2021, Tokyo Motor Show was under the list of top 5 auto shows to attend.

Now people are expecting to attend the show in 2022 because they were supposed to organize it in 2021 but again they didn’t take any risk and canceled it.