Mercedes Reveals Electric G-Wagen Concept Car

New concept with Wagen!

Electric cars are the main heads in the automobile world and it’s growing in every car manufacturer. There has been a rush of electric cars in 2021, even you might have seen electric hammer or say world’s first-ever electric truck too.

But this time something new is coming in your way, it’s unimaginable to have heavy electric motors in this type of vehicle.

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Again, Mercedes Benz came forward with the concept of Electric G Wagen, which took the spotlight when they revealed the details about it.

Mercedes has already launched their “Electric Mercedes S-Class” which stole the show with its insane features and advanced tech.

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but the main question comes in with the Electric G Wagen, what features it holds? Will it be faster?

Mercedes Electric G Wagen-Concept Design

It’s a special moment for all the G Wagen fans out there, because the wait is about to get over as Mercedes is only a few steps away from launching their electric G-Class that people ever eagerly waiting for it.

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A few months ago, the German automaker has already revealed the concept of EQG at the Munich Auto Show in Germany.

Mercedes has stated that the Concept EQG is a “near-production concept” meaning it’s still a prototype yet.

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With the design, they didn’t make any such changes as they stick to the square box with a ladder frame. Stayed with the round headlights traditional usual G-Class SUVs are known for a solid axle.

Key Features

G-Wagen will be powered by electric and gas both which is a piece of good news for all the G-Wagen loyal fans out there.

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Instead of going too deep, let’s focus on some very notable differences in the G-Wagen concept: a spare-tire holder in the back which comes in an illuminated lockbox that is also used to store charging cables according to the makers.

Another cool feature of the wheel is the 22-inch aluminum-alloy wheels which is something you have never seen in any other car yet.

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Loads of LED lights you will be expecting and will witness. It’s embedded on the sides of the SUV’s body in such a protective way which looks incredible at night.

Four Electric Motors, But no Detail on Range

Mercedes announced that G-Wagen has four electric motors but unfortunately didn’t share any further details of it such as battery capacity, or driving range.

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Even they didn’t give interior information that people would love to hear about it and get excited. It was surprising because many of the other car manufacturers at least provide basic details so that fans get an idea of what is coming in a manner of power.

One thing is confirmed that EGS will be faster compared with the current G-Wagon – the AMG G63.

Mercedes had to make it because people were expecting such superfast G-Wagen from them. Mercedes will not disappoint that everyone knows for sure and it will affect the market as well.

While it’s true the electric and gas-powered G-Wagens will look almost identical to one another, which is good news for G-Wagen loyalists.