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“Quickest Electric Supercar” Rimac Nevera, Get Ready For The Storm



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If you are a supercar lover, then you might know that other car manufacturers are heading into the race of producing ultimate supercars focusing on the future.

Yes! Nowadays supercars are not just relying on engines, car manufacturers switching towards the electric approach and producing hybrid cars with insane horsepower.

Source: Motor1

Among well-established car manufacturers, Rimac Nevera took the risk to come forward and produce something that shocks the world.

Rimac Nevera is the fastest or says a quickest super electric car that made every driver shiver while driving.

Source: Auto Week

It’s premium, beautifully designed, and extraordinary in every manner. It’s fully electric, with four times double electric power that makes this beauty the fastest on this planet.

Rimac Nevera-Design & Electric Storm

Source: Motor1

The name Nevera itself explains the clear vision of the car, because never means thunderstorm, brutal, super powerful and that’s the reason the makers gave this car a special name.

Believe it or not, it’s the quickest acceleration car in the world, no joking that’s why before heading towards the design let’s talk about the performance.

Source: Paulton

Rimac Nevera holds 4x electric motors per wheel with the power of 1914hp and hits the top speed of 258mph. one of the coolest features about performance is that it takes 1.97 seconds to reach from 0-60mph. it’s powered by a massive 120kWh battery.

Now come to the design, have a good look at it? Because it’s beautiful from each side, meaning it gives full vibes of a supercar plus electric car.

Both backlights look super cool, the way designers designed it surely doesn’t look like it’s been inspired by any other previous super electric car.

Source: Carbuzz

The whole ventilation exhaust space given in the back even in between the backlights too. The whole backside covered with carbon fiber.

One of the interesting things about Rimac Nevera is that even on sides there is a large capacity of ventilation given with a unique design.

The front side is designed in such a way that gives the whole supercar look, with the ventilation to give the radiator outside temperature to keep it a little bit cool rather than keeping it too hot.

Source: YouTube

Even the headlights also designed like a supercar eye style, that specific look of it captures the attention no doubt on that.

The front area also covered with carbon fiber. The wheels look dope with 20-inch alloys on each wheel.

Rimac Nevera-Interior

Source: Evo India

Just like the exterior, the interior also shocked the drivers or YouTubers who reviewed it. Because it has no switches just like other mainstream or says commercial car manufacturers are having.

Instead of that, they went with luxurious and coated the interior with super quality leather, sporty feeling, and most important covered with carbon fiber.

Source: Supercars

The seats are fully in a sporty look with a low-slung bucket that fits your body easily. The way interior Rimac Nevera designers had designed no one has seen it before in McLaren or Aston Martin.

Their infotainment screen and digital instrument panel work perfectly fine without any complications.

Rimac Nevera offers every aspect of the electric supercar no doubt on that. The car might cost you around $2.5 million and only 150 Neveras will be made.




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