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“Elegant, Stylish & Advanced” Electric Mercedes S-Class



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Technology is making everything possible in every manner no doubt about that. Nowadays luxurious cars are getting fully electric and modified.

Meaning car manufacturers are focusing on creating futuristic autonomous automobiles to make driver’s life much easier.

Source: CNET

That’s what Mercedes has come up with and targeting to hit the right spot in the future. Mercedes has already stepped into the hybrid or electric car world with the advanced features which make them superior.

This year, Mercedes has revealed their new “Electric Mercedes S-Class”. This time Mercedes didn’t want to stay back and be left out in the world of electric cars.

Source: Gulf News

Mercedes S-class is a fully electric functional car with some outstanding features and an insanely simple, elegant design.

In 2019, Mercedes revealed the EQS Benz concept car which grabbed the attention and took it to the next level. But the new one is different from the others and more advance in every manner.

 Electric Mercedes S-Class-Simple & Advance

As mentioned, the car is fully electric functional, and advanced. If you own the car and come closer to the driver’s door it will open automatically.

Source: Gulf News

Plus, you don’t need to close the door with your hand, just press the brake paddle and viola.

Believe it or not, this car is round and there’s a reason behind it. It’s the most aerodynamic production car in the world, it has 780 kilometers range having less friction on the road which means you can drive further distances by using the same battery.

The wheel rims aren’t ordinary as well. Mercedes has gone with some unique designs for the sake of aerodynamic.

Mercedes S-Class electric has two models “580” and “450”. 580 has undoubtedly had more power than 480 and it has around 515 horsepower.

Source: Gulf News

The tail light isn’t separated and it goes long way back. Right below you see the logo which is also the button to open the back boot space. 

Even on front, the headlights go from one end to another, plus it also has the digital projector light with little warning symbols onto the road to give you a bit of warning of a projected experience.

It’s something that none of the other electric cars have produced or offered.  Done with the exterior, now let’s get inside.

Electric Mercedes S-Class-Inside It’s Different World

Source: Gulf News

The moment you get inside, you witness the large infotainment screen which is about 1.4 meters long. It’s the hyper screen, Mercedes went with one long screen instead of dividing it into portions the moment you press the start button screen shows every info you need.

The steering wheel looks premium with a few functional touch features and modes to play around with. When you put your hands on the steering wheel it gives takes you to the next level because of the finishing.

Source: Gulf News

Talking about the finishing, the seats are the heat-cold ones with the exceptional stitching design done on them. To keep giving you relaxation especially while driving you to get the soft comfy pillow placed on the seat.

Mercedes S-Class EQS undoubtedly brings the charm of the electric and futuristic car approach. They have done everything to make it a future car and installed every advanced mode feature too.




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