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It’s The Melody Of Speed! Best Supercars Of 2021



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Last year wasn’t the great one for everyone due to pandemics and especially for the car manufacturers. It was hard to come up with the financial backup and support their big elite enterprise.

But they did and made a huge comeback in 2021. This year, many of the car manufacturers have produced some outstanding cars and managed to apply new concepts.

Companies like Chevrolet, Porsche, Ford, BMW, etc. managed to design and launch their super-fast sports cars this year and fill that special gap left last year.

Mclaren 720S

You might see different shape cars, some unique designs and some have got inspiration from others too. Sports cars have changed the lifestyle of every celebrity and athlete all over the globe.

Seven months of 2021 have been passed and during these months some amazing cars revealed to the world. That’s not the bad timing to look into the best sports cars of 2021 so far, because it’s the right time to do it for sure.

There’s always have been the best supercars of all time, which is the whole new debate and path.

Best Supercars of 2021 So Far

There might be numerous supercars released this year or the concept revealed but this piece will focus on those which have been marked as the supercars by the critics.

Toyota Supra

Source: CNET

Not many of you have heard about the Toyota Supra, but it’s a superfast car and offers its personality with the look. It got not one, but two turbocharged powertrains an inline-four and an inline-six.

Supra did an impressive job with an automatic transmission, with quick responsive paddle shifters and crisp gear. Toyota Supra truly falls in the Best Supercars of 2021 category.

Chevy Corvette

Source: Motor1

Seriously after years of waiting for Chevrolet finally launched their mid-engine Corvette and it’s an amazing beauty piece. Chevy Corvette is one of the most iconic mid-engine supercars that delivers every aspect of a sports car. When it comes to performance, Chevy Corvette holds a 490-hp V-8 engine and with an affordable price range too. It has both versions convertible and coupe with two-seaters.


Source: Car Photos

Talking about the best supercars of 2021 and don’t mention BMW in it that’s not going to happen. When you hear about max performance and beyond the limit, BMW plays a vital role in it. BMW M2 2021 version has every potential to push further to its speed.  Twin-turbo power max out the speed and with the new design steals the show.

Ford Mustang

Source: Car and Driver

Ford Mustang has its history in the world of supercars and is filled with its different models. Ford Mustang 2021 came with the 2021 model coupe and convertible too. It’s purely stable of producing high performance at any cost. It’s the rebuild of the Mach 1 moniker which was seen first in 1969 ‘Stang.

Ferrari F8 Tributo and Spider

Source: Motor Trend

When it comes to class, performance, and style of presenting then Ferrari F8 Tributo and Spider does everything. Ferrari has done an impressive job with the design on their every variant, especially with the spider that roof removal has an extra visceral experience.

They hold 710-hp twin-turbo V-8 powers which makes them supercar and the unique design makes the 2021 F8 Tributo and Spider inspiring.


These 5 supercars of 2021 truly made their path towards the success road with their design and speed. There might be some other supercars as well, which can be part of the list too.




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