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World’s First Look At LFA Successor



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Whenever someone talks about supercars there are some of the great automakers come to mind because of their exceptional supercar production.

Lexus is one of those brands that have experimented in every area of the vehicle world from luxurious cars to SUVs.

Source: Carscoops

Even Lexus has also released the world’s most expensive car known as Lexus LFA which became insanely popular for its incredible features.

But in 2022, Lexus decided why not introduce the successor of the LFA, meaning yesterday one of the most popular YouTubers Supercar Blondie revealed “the successor of LFA”.

Source: TopGear

This beauty is so special that it does not even have a name yet. There’s no doubt it’s the future of Lexus because there are some impressive features that can change the whole picture for Lexus.

Lexus’s Successor – First Look

There are reasons why it’s been considered Lexus LFA’s successor, here are some design features that you might recognize from LFA.  In the front area where headlights are placed, you notice a triangle form just like in LFA but yeah it’s fully upgraded and modern.

Source; Autoblog

No doubt in terms of design it looks spectacular and unique. There’s no point where you find a weak spot. Even the front grill won’t look like the usual one, there are a lot of little design details that hold a modern touch or say futuristic and it fairly goes with the overall design as well.

Source: Notebook check

Compare to the air ventilator in LFA, it has aired out and it looks dope in every manner. With the high exhaust, the successor produces one of the great sounds in the world and not everyone might like it.

Another important thing is that it’s going to be fully electric, which adds great value because in electricity they can sound in a way we want it.  

Source; Supercar Blondie

Coming to the wheels, you get 20 inches in the front and 21 here at the back which lets the car lean forward. Not finished yet, you also get the center lock which is used in racing cars and it’s meant for it.

Source: Notebook Check

The back looks dope as it’s slopping back which makes the look of the back impressive. That’s one of the reasons that it’s different from the original LFA as it was headed high back up.

The design of the car has to be different from the original LFA because it’s fully electric and there should be some distinctive features to recognize it.

Source; Notebook Check

Another interesting thing is that the technology they put into this car would dictate the future of all Lexus cars.

Compare to performance and speed this beast goes up to 800 HP which is worth it for race drivers.

Interior of Lexus’s Successor

The interior is phenomenal because the moment you head inside it’s a whole new experience.

Source: YouTube

Because it’s not the usual Lexus supercar, it’s Lexus electric racing car with bucket premium comfortable seats which gives you an ultra quality experience.

Source: Indian Auto Blog

Along with that, the steering wheel is also not the usual one, it surely gives you a racing steering wheel, and even the design also as it is.

There are more changes they might put on, it feels like there are way enough to upgrade because Lexus is planning to create the legit electric futuristic racing car.




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