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Beyond Extreme! Brabus XLP 900



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Brabus has been in the market and is known for its huge size with the ultimate speed that creates a big impact on the vehicle market. Some people love such big vehicles and Brabus is undoubtedly the perfect choice for them.

Source: Guide Auto

This year Brabus has already released Crawler that’s insane in performance as well as in size too. But looks like the company planned to release another and they did.

Source: Brabus

The brand new Brabus XLP 900 with the 900 HP rocket engine. When you look at it, you might look tiny in front of it as it’s enormous and the way it’s been designed gives an aggressive look.

There are a lot of pretty amazing things to check in this beast, so without wasting any more time let’s review it.

Brabus XLP 900 – New Design & Rocket Engine

Brabus XLP 900 no doubt stands in the position where its previous models roamed for the past few years.

Source: Tuning Blog

For those who don’t know Brabus previously released this model with 800, but they have upgraded the bar and increased the HP to 900. This is Brabus Widestar which is purely based on the wide body that goes with it.

Not only that they have also redesigned the whole beast, from front to back, and even inside everything changed. And the fun fact is there are only 10 of these in the world. One of the famous YouTubers Supercar Blondie reviewed this beast from every corner.

Source: Brabus

One of the coolest features of Brabus XLP 900 is none other than the light-up exhaust which looks incredible. The roof rack, it’s 2.3 meters tall and a normal height person could barely touch it.

Source: Brabus

The front looks aggressive and Brabus didn’t exploit the front design at all. With the little redesign, they have kept the charm of it with those aggressive headlights and Brabus badge in the middle.

You also get to see some little detailing on the grill with the red strip that complements the whole design.

Source: Brabus

Even the back looks very high and usual just like any other Brabus vehicle. Plus, you also get special rims designed for this.

Source: Brabus

With the 900 XLP, Brabus has built the most powerful G 63-based model yet. The ‘Brabus Rocket’ 4.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 produces 888bhp and more torque than a 7.7-liter Unimog, at 1,250Nm.

Source: Brabus

This has been achieved with tweaked turbochargers and a new stainless steel exhaust system.

Brabus XLP 900 – Interior

The interior looks sick because it’s completely decked out in leather even the floors as well. Brabus called this Mondial Black and red they called it Rocket Matte Red. No doubt the interior looks insane with this two-color combination.

Source: Brabus

The seats are premium and ultra-comfortable. The texture and stitching look perfect. One thing that Brabus made everything inside out nothing borrowed or anything.

Source: Brabus

Even the steering wheel doesn’t look like the usual one in Brabus, Mondial Black and Rocket Matte Red contrast on it takes the whole show without any doubt.




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