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Future In-Vehicle Is Near! Lincoln Model L100



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Futuristic cars have gone beyond our expectations and created a new planet for themselves. In the past few years, many of the elite automakers have also taken the approach of future electric cars and come up with unbelievable concepts that no one has ever thought of.

Source: Carsbite

Just like last year, EF1-T came to attention and made everyone go crazy. Going with the same approach a new future car concept has been revealed which holds some of the great features that truly indicate how it’s going to look in the future.

Source: Carscoops

Lincoln Model L100 and she’s gorgeous. Before heading to the cool features, appreciate the idea of the design, because there’s no one could ever possibly think of making such an amazing car.

Source: Motor1

From the back, everything owns a special identity for the craft that designers have done it.

Lincoln Model L100 – Future is here

First thing first and that’s the exterior design. One of the coolest things you might notice is the light strip that goes from the front end to the other across the car.

Source: Motor1

This car is 6 meters long and it looks incredible. Another cool feature in this car is the wheels, you have never seen such wheels in your life and these are so cool that it lets you know the charging of the car.

Source: Motor1

Yes! It’s an all-electric vehicle and the makers have come up with the unique idea of utilizing wheels differently. The front bonnet is also in glass and Greyhound is set like an art piece behind the glass that looks beautiful.

Source: Motor1

Fun fact, the design of this car has meant to be as aerodynamic as possible so you don’t want something in the way sticking on the car.

Going to the back of the car where the thin light strip going on that looks pretty great and the Lincoln badge compliments the whole back design of the car.

Source: Motor1

This car is designed to celebrate 100 years of Lincoln, back in 1922 when they launched the first-ever Lincoln model L.

Lincoln Model L100 – Futuristic Interior To Witness

As mentioned, it’s futuristic and they have gone beyond their limits. There’s no need to grab the door handle, only your hand motion sensor can open the door and it’s amazing. The very first thing you notice is the floor and its full screen that’s incredible.

Source: Motor1

The Interior of this car has its language. The floor screen legit wraps you in a moment in a way you want to.

Source: Motor1

Another thing you might notice is that there’s no steering wheel because it is fully autonomous which is acceptable. But in Lincoln, you can drive with the portable steering wheel and it’s also futuristic.

Source: Motor1

The seats from the back to the front give you a sci-fi modern supercar vibe because it’s been designed in that manner.




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