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World’s Most Powerful Bentley On Planet! Mulliner Batur



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Bentley, one of the most popular and fastest car manufacturers in the vehicle world is all set to introduce the world’s most powerful Bentley ever produced.

Bentley has been in the market for a long time and produced some of the great supercars for their precious customers.

Source: Motor1

They have been known for their insane production quality and performance. In 2022, Bentley introduces “Mulliner  Batur” and it’s super gorgeous.

With this car Bentley has got two things to do, first, there are some incredible and eye-catching design features that we are going to witness in future EVs.

Source: Motor1

And second, before heading to the all-electric, Bentley decided to go bang and install a six-liter twin-turbo w12 with an insane 730 Horsepower.

Now for details, let’s jump right to the main features and design.

Bentley Mulliner Batur – Speed & Gorgeous Design

No doubt, Bentley Mulliner Batur looks exceptional in a designed manner and there’s no point in avoiding every detail of it. If you look closely at headlights, they are different kinds, and this time they got rid of crystal headlights.

Source: Motor 1

The whole design of the car indicates a resting beast stance. But they didn’t tweak that much so that’s the reason the charm of Bentley stays.

On the back side, you get to see 3D printed exhaust pipes, the backlights are also different sleek in design, and almost non-existent.

Source: Motor1

With the back design, Bentley went with a different approach, they tried to combine sleekness and aggressiveness to produce a beast.

Coming to the wheels, you get 22inch wheels and it’s purely aggressive with rims installed in it.

Source; Motor 1

And now the performance. lowering the car is Bentley’s iconic hand-assembled 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine that is tuned to produce over 740 PS of maximum power along with 1000 Nm of peak torque.

Last year, Bentley joined the race of SUVs and introduced their first-ever Bentayga SUV.

Bentley Mulliner Batur – Interior

The interior looks impressive. As it named after a crater in Bali, that’s why Bentley went with an intense orange and black color combination. Even the door’s interior looks awesome.

Source: Motor1

You get the racing bucket kind of seat which is covered with premium leather and your quality finish of red stitching goes with the whole color combination.  

Source: Motor1

Different materials are used inside the car as on the door there’s stuff made out of coffee beans an alternative to leather.

Source: Motor1

The iconic steering wheel with the Bentley badge in the middle is covered up with the same type of leather used on seats.

Bentley Mulliner Batur cost you around $1.8 Million and it’s a total worth it for Bentley customers out there.




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