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One Last Ride! Bugatti Mistral Roadster



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There’s one supercar that every celebrity and athlete would love to have in their garage and that’s none other than Bugatti.

Bugatti is one of the most popular supercars in the world and it’s a dream car of every youngster out there.

Source: Bugatti

There are several reasons to have this beauty, after almost a year it’s back with a bang and it’s exceptional in every manner.

Bugatti brings you a brand new “Mistral Roadster” and it’s going down in the history for some iconic reasons.

Source: Carscoops

Why so much hype around this car? Because it’s Bugatti’s last model before heading to the future electric vehicles.

What’s more interesting is that it’s going to be the last Bugatti ever produced with a W16 engine and it’s super exciting to check out more features of it.

Bugatti Mistral Roadster – Exterior and W16 Performance

Last year, Bugatti released the world’s fastest car “Chiron Super Sport” and it broke every record in the market. 

Source: Motor1

Now they have returned with the last production car with W16 and there are so many things to look into.

For those who are into the supercars collection, Bugatti Mistral Roadster is your key player because soon it’s going to be rare in the vehicle market.

Source: Motor1

By design Bugatti Mistral Roadster give you so many reasons to have it. You cannot avoid this beauty, to make it special they have taken out the roof and placed air intake behind the seats to let you experience unique Bugatti sound in style.

Source: Motor1

Going to the back of the car, you might notice a thin X light strip which they have taken real inspiration from the expired Bugatti pure sport. In the middle, you get the Bugatti behind acrylic which looks cool.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the front area, everything was redesigned including the headlights and now you get four headlights. You get the usual grill and interestingly a Bugatti badge that comes out of the grill in style.

Source: Motor1

Heading to the performance center, at the heart of the Mistral is the same 1,577-horsepower engine found in the Chiron Super Sport 300+, which hit 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h) in 2019.

Source: Motor1

Another interesting thing is that Bugatti Mistral Roadster cost you around $5 Million and that’s the reason it’s not for everyone.

Bugatti Mistral Roadster – Interior

The moment you open the door, things get way exciting as the interior with yellow and black combination looks perfect.

Source: Motor1

The reason behind these colors, the founder loved this color combination and he has it in one of his Bugattis. It’s the core colors of the Bugatti and most importantly his favorite.

Source: Motor1

You get the ultra-premium leather-covered bucket seats that take you to the long ride and you also get a special leather steering wheel called truffle dark brown.

No doubt, Bugatti’s last W16 edition holds everything to be the special one in the market before heading to the electric vehicle world.




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