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Heading To The Future! Cadillac Celestiq Concept



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Just like every other car heading towards the future and adapting electric approach as it’s the next generation upgrade. Cadillac also gearing up for the future upgrade and is ready to showcase its models in style.

Source: Solution Guider

Early this year, Cadillac has already introduced a fast and luxurious Escalade V that captured everyone’s attention.

But they are not done yet, Cadillac is back with another banger for the future and it’s called “Celestiq”.

Source: The Verge

Celestiq, just like the unique name also has great features and futuristic design appeals that grab wholesome attention.

Source: Motor1

From interior to exterior everything is worth checking out. The whole exterior design indicates that it’s been made for the future.

Cadillac Celestiq – The Future of Exterior

Cadillac has always been known for its luxurious-looking cars and it has never disappointed its precious customers ever.

Source: Motor1

With the newest approach towards the future where every vehicle brand heading, Cadillac has got some great concepts and details which are worth looking forward to.

Source: Motor1

Looking at the sideway of the car, you might fall in love with every bit of detail designers have put into it.

You have never seen such insane taillights that look like this and right above the front wheel, there’s a secret push button that opens the charging port.

Source: Motor1

Just take a moment and appreciate the crafters of the Celestiq because it looks sleek and clean.

The length of Celestiq is one foot longer than Escalade, which is incredible and it’s massive in size no doubt about that. In total, it’s 18ft long which is insane.

Source: Motor1

The front looks great, you get all these lines going on underneath the glass panel and when you walk towards the car you get to see some kind of light dance effect which is cool.

On the wheels, you get to see these shiny rims, these rims by the way are 23-inch which looks dope and goes with the overall design.

Cadillac Celestiq – Interior

There’s no door handle to open the door, there’s a button on the glass and you enter into the world of Cadillac’s luxurious interior.

Source: Motor1

The interior of Celestiq is incredible, you get this black and red color combination.

One of the craziest parts of the front is that you get the 55-inch uninterrupted glass display which looks incredibly gorgeous and clean.

Source: Motor1

Red premium leather seats with the red stitching going downwards like an arrow. No matter whether the Cadillac outside looks futuristic, from the inside it kept its luxurious charm and never let it go.

Source: Auto123

The steering wheel is as minimalistic as it can be wrapped in leather, you have the piano black finish as well.




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