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Futuristic Family SUV Is Here! Vinfast VF8



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In the world of the automobile, not only supercars or sports cars focusing on a futuristic approach but also SUVs have also emerged to plan future ones for the customers.

Up till now a lot of elite brands have introduced insane electric and future-focused SUVs that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Following the same path, Vinfast who last year became the center of attention at the LA Auto Show and introduced the VF e35.

Source: Dierso

Almost after 5 months, Vinfast decided to launch something for the family and they can all enjoy the experience of A. I of the modern world. Vinfast brings you a new “VF8” and it’s a family futuristic SUV with all the modern features.

There are tons of new features and the exterior looks massive with a sleek design that Vinfast mainly follows with little fancy stuff.

Source: Forbes

With the endless love and demand, Vinfast has decided to expand all over the globe meaning you are going to see it in every market in the upcoming years.

Vinfast is going to launch 5 models, but this VF8 is a mid-sized SUV and apart from that they are going to launch 7 seater SUV called VF9.

Vinfast VF8 – Family SUV Exterior & Performance

Vinfast doesn’t compromise on performance and along with that, they offer a unique premium exterior that pleases eyes. Before jumping to the exterior model, let’s talk about the performance that matters the most.

Source: Alexwa

Different versions of VF8 have different horsepower, with 349 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, the Eco model delivered adequate acceleration, and the 402-hp Plus trim with 457 pound-feet of torque was downright quick.

One of the interesting things is that Vinfast partnered with Pininfarina to design this beauty. Because it’s a big deal when it comes to designing automobiles and Pininfarina is a big fish in the automotive design.

Source: Arena EX

The backside of the car looks incredible with the long thin taillight going from center to each side and it looks great.

Source: Automotive

The front side also looks wide in size but goes with the overall design of the SUV. The headlights undoubtedly look perfect in the way this metal piece is designed with the Vinfast badge in the middle.

Vinfast VF8 – Futuristic Family Interior

Now it’s time to get inside and check out the internal features. The moment you head inside one thing you notice is that dashes are disappearing and in this car, everything now is head up on display which is preferable nowadays by many drivers.

Source: Google

You also get the 15.6-inch infotainment screen which holds some cool features and among those features is the voice recognition that lets you enjoy the features of the future car.

Source: Cars and Reports

The seats are premium design front and back both the top-notch material used. You also get a full leather interior if you go for the plus version of VF8. 

A lot of stuff might change in the car because it’s a preproduction model.

At the back, you get a quiet lot of room to relax and that’s it. Vinfast Vf8 surely becomes one of the big fishes in the automobile world shortly when it comes to purely all-electric cars.




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