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Redesigned With Power! Lexus RX 500H 2023



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Whenever someone brings the topic of luxury SUVs several automakers’ name pops into our head because of their true style of producing luxurious cars.

Source: Toyota Global

Lexus is one of them and no doubt they have launched some of the greatest SUVs in the market for their desired consumers out there.

Lexus knows what their precious customers want and that’s why they introduce to you a fully redesigned “Lexus RX” which has been one of the most successful SUVs running for around 25 years now.

Source: Car Connection

But now they have created a brand new one with some great features that might hook up you and build interest in it.

Source: Motor1

Instead of wasting more time let’s jump right into it and inspect everything about the brand new Lexus RX 500H 2023.

Lexus RX500H 2023 – New Design & Performance

For those who don’t know, Lexus RX made its debut in the late 1990s and immediately became popular among SUV lovers out there, especially in America. This new 2023 model is the fifth generation and the makers have made a lot of changes compared to the older version.

Source: Motor1

Because as they stated that, it’s fully redesigned and they mean It in every manner. One of the big numbers in RX’s new version is the powertrains and there are four different powertrains available. So, the base model is known as RX350 and it uses a turbo four-cylinder with 275 horsepower.

Source: Motor1

From there you jump towards this model top of line and performance version which is called RX 500H.

This model also uses a turbo four-cylinder and it’s a hybrid system for some big power. As per Lexus, RX500H can produce 367 horsepower and 409 pound-feet of torque which is pretty impressive.

Source: Carbuzz

They have also stated that the “entire powertrain drivetrain has been optimized for improved grip and handling and for better acceleration. Apart from performance, the wheelbase in the new RX model is about two and a half inches longer than the older model.

Now heading to the exterior design that’s one of the key elements of the redesigned version.

Source: Motor1

Firstly moving to the back of the car and you notice the lightning taillight. It’s very distinctive cool light, thin from the mid and getting thick on each side’s end.

You also get to see the line design on each side that gives a more aggressive look and it’s a purely modern upgrade looking at the current SUV car designs coming out.

Source: Motor1

Another notice thing you get to see on the back of the Lexus is the L-designed logo that is usually placed on each model previously.

Source: Motor1

Instead, they have gone with the Lexus written above the taillight in the middle. Gong to the front, you get to see the big grill that gives an aggressive look and goes with the taillight design.

Lexus RX500H 2023 – Interior

Just like outside, Lexus has done some major changes inside the car as well. One of the biggest changes inside the new RX is that you get the touch infotainment screen.

Source: Motor1

That’s seriously a big deal because the outgoing Lexus models are using remote touch controller infotainment screens.

Source: Motor1

The seats are comfortable and luxurious in terms of quality overall. At the back, you get way more room than you expect to have a long drive. The steering wheel also looks usual nothing fancy at all.

Lexus RX500H no doubt showcases the true meaning of a luxurious car and how exactly redesign works. Lexus already this year introduced a small luxury crossover NX 350H and it grabbed everyone’s attention.




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