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Ultra-Rare $2Million Hypercar! Hennessey Venom F5



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It’s a great combination of having a hypercar and the rarest one because that’s the beauty of it. In the hypercar world, there are various rarest cars that grab everyone’s attention, and most people interact with well-established brands’ rare ones.

Source: Motor1

But there are brands who have worked in the automobile market and then decided to introduce the greatest rarest hypercar in the world. And that’s what Hennessey has done it. Hennessey is known for tuning cars for ultra-performance everything from vipers to raptors.

Well after making other cars super fast, they decided to create their own and they come up with an ultra-rare hypercar “Venom F5”.

Source: Motor1

When the word rare comes in that means, it’s not cheap and that’s what Venom F5 has to offer. It cost over $2 Million and it’s seriously insane in every manner.

Venom F5 from design to performance gives you the ultimate vibe and it’s unimaginable at the moment.

Source: Motor1

And want to know what’s crazier about Venom F5? It has over 1800 Horsepower. Yes! You read it right and it’s ridiculous.

Venom F5 – Rarest Exterior & Speed

You might have heard about their old supercar that was based on a lotus chassis, but this Venom F5 has been built-up from the ground by Hennessey.

And not only that to make it insane they have installed a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V8, 1,817bhp, and because everything’s made out of carbon – the tub, the skin –

Source: YouTube

it weighs 1,360kg dry. It can produce maximum power at 8,000rpm, there’s an 8,500rpm redline, and 1,192lb-ft of torque arrives at 5,000rpm

There’s no doubt, that in terms of speed, Venom F5 might leave behind Bugatti Chiron and can become the world’s fastest road car.

Source: Top Gear

Heading to the design of the Venom F5, it’s new and unique. No adaptation or link-up when it comes to design Hennessey has done it from ground zero to call it their own craft.

The top hood covers the engine and there’s no latch to remove it. It’s fully made out of carbon fiber to reduce the weight and that’s the reason for not adding a latch.

Source: Top Gear

The front side was also designed very specifically for this car and kept every detail clear. It gives you a super hypercar vibe and also an aggressive one as well.

Going back of the car, you can notice the unique tail lights that go with the design and the rear holds the massive panel of carbon fiber from one end to another.

Source: Motor1

You can also see lots of holes, even in the midi of the taillight and it’s been done intentionally for the purpose of heat dissipation.

You also get the quad exhaust placed in the middle of the back of the car and it looks cool overall.

Venom F5 – Interior

The moment you open the doors of the Venom F5, supercar lovers might fall in love with the interior and it’s because they have created not borrowed.

Source: Motor1

The first thing you will notice is the seats, carbon fiber sport bucket seats one piece and according to the Hennessey, they are incredibly light.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the steering wheel, here you get to see the full track one that’s not for usual drivers out there. It’s purely sporty and it has some legit functional buttons that help you in gaining ultra-speed.

Venom F5 no doubt lands in the court of rarest hypercars out there, because what they are offering is insane in every term.




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