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Everything You Need To Know About Apple Car



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Just like every other tech giant entering the world of vehicles, one of the biggest tech companies Apple has decided to shift its gears and have a quick ride to the automobile planet.


Yes!  You are assuming right, Apple has been working on the world’s first-ever car and it’s going to be future-proof in every manner.

For those who don’t know, Apple has been working on it for a very long time and Hundreds of Apple, employees are working on developing a self-driving Apple-branded car aimed at consumers.

Source: YouTube

As per Apple, the car will officially be revealed in 2025 and it’s going to be super exclusive in every way.

With various research, we have gathered some legit information regarding the upcoming Apple car and we are going to share a bit of detail with you guys.

Apple Car – New   & Futuristic

We are aware that this specific car is in process since 2014 and Apple has called this project on and off on million occasions.

Source: YouTube

It’s going to be a self-driving electric car and for now, Apple called it “Project Titan”.   When it comes to self-driving that’s not a new thing on board, Tesla has done this before and many other automakers have produced such kinds of supercars.

Source: YouTube

But what’s eye-catching are the features and the Apple brand. Apple wants to go beyond the limits and that’s the reason they have also got rid of the steering wheel and not even pedals or anything to make it ultra-futuristic.

Source: Autobics

There might be a high chance of having a hidden steering wheel like the Audi Skysphere used to have it coming out underneath the dashboard.

And with the whole concept of autonomous cars, it might not be a driver-focused car at all.

How the interior would look like?

In this car, riders sit along the sides of the vehicle rather than in standard front and back seats. Apple may not be able to remove the steering wheel, however, as it could be useful to have it available in an emergency.

Source: YouTube

Not only that, but Apple has also shown interest in removing the traditional Road Seats that we all see in cars nowadays and creating something social lounge something.

The processor that’s in development for the car was created by Apple’s silicon engineering group, which has also created the processors for the M1 Macs, iPhones, and other devices.

Source: YouTube

Bloomberg describes this chip as the most advanced component that Apple has designed internally.

All the Apple loyal fans have to wait till 2025 and till then enjoy all the updates coming from Apple regarding their first-ever electric autonomous car.




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