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2200 HP, Seriously Insane! Deus Vayanne ‘Bayonne’



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2022 has been a great year so far for the supercars. Every new automaker released their world’s most powerful supercars and stunned everyone.

Even some of them had beaten the elite brands to be the best in performance and speed.

Source: Electrek

Some of the concept cars have been revealed and people have gone crazy after hearing the specs. But this one is super insane and it holds the horsepower of 2200.

Isn’t crazy, right? And this world’s most powerful car that’s going to be released in a couple of years known as Bayonne.

Source: Motor1

It’s a whole collaboration between Deus, Ital design, and none other than Williams. Each one of them played their part beautifully, Williams working on electric power, Ital design working on the whole design from interior to the exterior and Deus is the founder of this beauty.

The whole idea of this car is to bring a practical hypercar with such insane speed. Bayonne’s design looks impressive and modern in every way.

Bayonne Concept Car – Exterior

Bayonne surely going to fulfill every aspect of hypercar in terms of speed and design. Talking about design the back of the car looks incredible with the infinity-style design tail light that goes with the overall design.

Source: Motor1

One of the interesting things about Bayonne’s design is that every design feature in the back is mirrored in the front so you get the actual kind of design.

Source: Motor1

The headlights look perfect with this design and just like back you get the air outlet in front as well.

You also don’t get to see the open grill in electric vehicles mostly, but they have done it and there’s a purpose behind which is to keep the motors cool.

Source: YouTube

The Vayanne will have a top speed of 400 km/h. It will have 2,200 hp and will be able to reach 100 km/h in under two seconds.

 Bayonne Concept Car – Interior

Inside the Ital Design have worked very smartly to make it unique. The door panel has been designed with a unique feature.

Source: Motor1

Called a ‘Halo Infinity Mirror’, there are LED lights and mirrors mounted inside the panels to create a 3D design.

The mirrors reflect the LED strips in all different directions to create a 3D appearance. You get the premium leather-covered bucket seats that go with the overall interior design.

Source: Motor1

Looks like Deus ‘s Bayonne is here to dethrone the upcoming Bentley’s most powerful car Mulliner Batur.




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