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World’s First All-Electric Rolls Royce Spectre!



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Nowadays every automobile comes out as electric and it’s purely futuristic. Every supercar has turned itself into an electric vehicle and that’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

Looking at that hype, Rolls Royce, one of the most luxurious supercars in the world decided to jump into this electric car world and produce something stylish.

Source: Motor1

Rolls Royce has planned to release the world’s first electric Rolls Royce Spectre in late 2023, but today we are going to show you some of its great features of it and its key design elements.

And also the luxurious interior that’s always been the heart of Rolls Royce.

All-Electric Rolls Royce Spectre – What they are offering?

In the past decades, Rolls Royce has always inspired us with their insane features in their cars and giving their every model a classic modern look.

Source: Move Electric

Another important aspect of Rolls Royce it’s the engine V12 that makes you feel like floating on a carpet while driving and that’s going to be changed in the upcoming Rolls Royce electric.

Interesting fact, the new Rolls Royce will contain zero sound inside the car, meaning you won’t be hearing anything from outside at all. With that, it’s surely messing with your sense of balance and orientation anyways.

Source: EVO

New Rolls Royce is going to be bigger than that, a spiritual successor to the Phantom Coupe. This means it’s enormous up close and comes with the option of 23-inch rims – although the test car was riding incognito on 18s and winter tyres.

Another noticeable thing is that the spirit of ecstasy is getting a full makeover, the new one will be a lower and down crouched stance.

Heading to the front design, you will get the grill and that going to raise a lot of questions. It’s only there for decoration purposes and nothing else.

Source: Motor1

As grill has been the iconic part of the Rolls Royce and erasing it from design won’t be justice.

You will also get to see the split headlight design, which is not a bad idea because everyone’s going it.

Performance and Battery

That car has a 102kWh battery with a range of between 370 and 390 miles. It’s likely the new Rolls-Royce will be heavier and may not be able to go quite as far on a full charge.

Rolls-Royce is staying equally tight-lipped about the new Spectre’s electric motors. It could choose to develop its own or it may decide to use motors from BMW.

Source: Rolls Royce

Charles Rolls noted over 100 years ago: “The electric car is perfectly noiseless and clean. There is no smell or vibration. They should become very useful when fixed charging stations can be arranged.”

There are a lot of things Rolls Royce has not shared yet with anyone, not even the interior design.

Source: Hindustan Times

It’s just the whole idea of what they will produce or what all-electric Rolls Royce might look like. Very few stuff the makers have shared which has been mentioned above.

No doubt it’s a big shift from them fromV12 to purely electric. But Rolls Royce knows how to keep everything in style.

Rolls Royce has already done their experiment and introduced the world’s first 6X6 Rolls Royce Phantom.




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