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Everything You Must Know About McMurtry Spéirling



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You have seen batmobile before on various occasions and it has grabbed everyone’s attention. but McMurtry Spéirling is something that you don’t have to miss out on at all.

Source: Inside EVs

McMurtry Spéirling is one of the fastest motorsport cars ever produced and it’s unique in every aspect. This beauty isn’t big at all, it’s one seater and it does look gorgeous.

But above all, McMurtry Spéirling got everyone’s attention when the specs were revealed and especially the HP.

It’s an EV model and it holds 1,000 bHP. Yes, you heard it right that’s the actual speed that this tiny beast has to offer.

Source: Motor1

No doubt, once you look at it and go through every detail it might change the way you do your track days.

There are a lot of things that need to discuss McMurtry Spéirling, let’s jump into it for a speedy ride.

Things You Need To Know About McMurtry Spéirling

Of course, you haven’t heard of McMurtry, but if you want to have a pretty fast bird in your garage then that’s the piece you should have it.

Source: Motor1

A better aerodynamic and believe it or not that’s what McMurtry is all about. In terms of look, it does give you the vibe of a miniature batmobile mixed up with a bit of lmp2 car except no huge rear wing and that’s a big thing.

At the back, you can’t have a big rear wing if you are having an electric car because that’s generating drag and will kill your range.

Source: Motor1

Remember it’s not just about pure performance, it’s a total reinvention of how an electric car generates downforce.

Aerodynamic & Performance

If you want to run a speedy car then aerodynamics plays a major role and McMurtry has created space for aerodynamics.

Source: Motor1

At the front, you can see various aerodynamic designs that air’s kind of forced out of these vents. At the back, you get two more exit vents as well.

Instead of exhaust pipes, it has two electric fans buried somewhere deep inside the car and will generate half a ton of downforce.

When it comes to range, McMurtry claims zero to 186mph in 9.0secs. A Rimac Nevera takes 11.8 seconds, and a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 12.1. This is an F1-ish pace, from a goth’s roller skate.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the battery, it has a U-shaped battery – structural within the tub – offers 60kWh of capacity and can sustain 30–60mins of flat-out running depending on weather and circuit.

Last year in December, McMurtry got that small beast ready for a test drive with a racing series and it blew everyone’s mind.

Remember, it’s not some fancy batmobile like Batman vs Superman vehicle that was made. It’s a pure motorsport car with impressive performance and a unique exterior.




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