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Same, But Different In Some Ways, Volvo EX90 2024 Review



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Volvo is ready to dominate electric SUVs in 2023 because they have been introducing new models that look luxurious and futuristic in every aspect.

Volvo introduces you “EX90 2024” with seven-passenger comfortable seats that allow you to have a long family drive most luxuriously than ever.

Source: MotorTrend

It’s the new Swedish brand’s rang-topping electric SUV that holds some of the great features that set the bar for the standard luxury SUV enthusiasts out there.

Volvo EX90 aims to set standards for luxury, technology, and safety, and is the first in a new generation of Volvo EVs.

Volvo EX90 Electric SUV – Longer In Size & Decent Performance

People have been claiming that it’s the same as the XC90, but EX90 is slightly different as it’s longer than its counterpart, granting more room for cargo storage at the back.

Source: Car and Driver

In terms of design and look Volvo EX90 is a modern and large-looking electric SUV with current time features that attract an audience. From front to back, it gives the pure vibe of an electric SUV, perfect in aerodynamic aspects with a closed grille and smoothly profiled bumper.

Source: Car and Driver

To touch the future finish line, Volvo decided to go with the high-tech matrix LED headlights in the firm’s well-loved ‘Thor’s hammer’ layout. The same headlights that Volvo is using in their current models like S60 and others.

It does have a pixelated appearance which makes the Volvo a future-proof SUV.

Source: Car and Driver

At the back, you get the light bars on either side of the rear screen, which sit above C-shaped lower light units, which have a structural, 3D appearance.

Now come to the performance, Volvo EX90 will launch in a twin-motor all-wheel drive guise.

Source: Car and Driver

The regular Twin Motor version produces 408PS, for 0-62mph acceleration in 5.9 seconds. The Twin Motor Performance version has 517PS, for 0-62mph acceleration in just 4.7 seconds.

Volvo EX90 2024 Electric SUV – Welcoming Interior

Volvo EX90 welcomes you inside the beauty of this SUV that blends the latest technology with luxurious materials and that’s what you all are going to witness.

Source: Car and Driver

First, your eyes might catch this 15.0-inch center screen, which Volvo claims will be one of the best infotainment systems on the market.

The core system is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, which is cutting-edge technology. The new Volvo EX90 will be “a highly advanced computer on wheels”.

Source: Car and Driver

In a comfortable area, Volvo offers fully-sustainable wool upholstery, that’s soft and warm. Volvo says there will be almost 50kg of recycled materials inside every new EX90.

Source: Car and Driver

Just like XC90, the new Volvo EX90 has seven seats and the third row of seats will fold fully flat into the floor when not needed, opening up a large and roomy boot. Fun fact, seven seats with a wide range of comfort and a spacious interior.

The full-range model of EX90 will be expected to be released in 2024 and the prices are likely to start from around £75,000.




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