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De Tomaso Introduces $3 Million Hypercar P900



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As times are changing, tech and automobile advancement reaching the next level. That’s making a great impact on the hypercars and turning such superpower ones into ultra-power seems unmatchable.

Source: EVO

Along with that prices of hypercars are high rocketing and heading into the rarest ones out there.

De Tomaso Automobili is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world and known for its exceptional hypercars.

Source: NZ Autocar

De Tomaso is all set to introduce its curvaceous P900, a track-only machine that bucks the trend by avoiding electrification.

It’s not going to be available for everyone out there, because as per the makers only 18 hypercars will be made and it will cost you around $3 million a pop.

Source: Motor1

P900 is undoubtedly super fast because it’s being carbon neutral thanks to a newly developed V12 engineered to run on synthetic fuels.

De Tomaso P900 –  $3Million Hypercar

Some various elements and components need to be inspected. First the performance, we have seen V12 in previous hypercars such as Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 astonished the fans out there with the speed and performance.

Source: Motor1

But in P900 it’s different, as De Tomaso claims it’s the smallest and lightest V12 ever developed, tipping the scales at just 220 kilograms (485 pounds). It revs to a screaming 12,300 rpm or 200 rpm more than the Cosworth V12 fitted to the Gordon Murray T.50.

That means, the naturally aspirated can produce an insane 900 horsepower in a vehicle that has a dry weight of 900 kg (1,984 lbs).

Source: Supercar Blondie

With its look and overall exterior design, P900 surely reminds the evolution of the P72. You get to see the same body material and a lot of carbon fiber.

The front looks great with the unique headlights and the front aerodynamics validates that it’s a hypercar heading shortly.

Source: NZ Autocar

The front fenders are more pronounced featuring integrated gills of the profile that are more sculpted than before, but that’s the rear end that changes the overall front design compared to P72.

Source: Motor1

The back of the car is also eye-catching, rear wing touching the taillights with the LED and AERO technology which is connected to the new vented engine.

To give a more aggressive and hyper look you get the large diffusers that go with the back design.

Source: Supercar Blondie

The makers didn’t reveal the details or images regarding the interior of the P900, but there are chances that it might look similar to the P72.

P900 with a V12 engine will be available in 2024, but the impatience fans out there can get their hands on this beautiful beast with Judd 12 engine.




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