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King Pick-Up Truck! Ford F-15 Raptor R 2023



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Speaking of pickup trucks in the vehicle market, it’s impossible to think of them as high-performance ones and different from the usual ones.

But Ford, one of the most prominent automakers in the automobile world has decided to introduce to the world the pinnacle high-performance pickup truck “F-15 Raptor R” which comes with a supercharged V8 that’s extreme on various levels.

Source: Motor1

It’s not the standard one, because that’s something, not a pickup truck driver would like to have in this modern time where performance and design matter a lot.

The overall exterior design also gives a pure extreme performance pickup truck vibe from front to end without any doubt.

Source: Motor1

There are a lot of exciting things to look into in this monstrous super truck especially going to inspect the V8 that allows this beast to get into rage mode.

Ford F-15 Raptor R – Super Performance

First and foremost the performance is the main limelight of the F-15 Raptor. Under the hood lies most of the 5.2-liter supercharged V8, as the result is a 700-horsepower, 640-pound-foot screamer of a V8, tucked neatly into a beefcake truck body.

Source: Motor1

Another interesting is that it’s a powertrain from the Shelby GT500, but they have changed some stuff such as they have recalibrated the supercharger pulley to allow for lower-end torque which is technically more beneficial for the larger vehicle.

When it comes to pricing, this tuck is exceptionally expensive compared to the standard one as the standard Raptor starts at around $78,000 and this truck comes with a sticker price of $110,000. In this truck, you cannot add or modify except color and sunroof.

Source: Car and Driver

But in the standard one, you get the leverage to play like your own yard and modify your style.

Everything about Raptor R is exclusive from speed to pricing. But when you move around the truck and look at the exterior you would use one word “Subtle”.

Source: Akins Ford

To make it distinguish on the road, on both front and back you get to see the R badge which highlights that it’s not the standard one.

Ford F-15 Raptor R – Interior

Inside the car, there’s a lot of stuff to look around at and experience the Raptor R branding. You get the R stitched on the seats unlike just placing it and it doesn’t overlook the interior design.

Source: Car and Driver

If you or your friend own the standard Raptor then there’s no such difference inside the Raptor R and that’s what you get.

But there’s one major thing that reminds you it’s not the standard one until you step on the throttle and are instantly reminded it’s Raptor R.

Source: Road and Track

You also get the seven drive modes which are great to have in the truck and let you experience the maximum performance of the truck.

In the past few years, trucks have been super fast and found themselves in the supercar car category. Ford F-15 Raptor R undoubtedly is one of the most super performance trucks in the market and perfectly offers everything.

Trucks are revolutionizing as per the demand, last year 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV was introduced and considered as World’s first electric super-truck.




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