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900 HP Top Performance Insane! Brabus Crawler



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People are shifting their focus from small cars to big ones and that’s the reason automakers are focusing on making the best huge supercars that offer everything being in the modern side.

Source: YouTube

In the past decade, there have been a lot of heavy beast cars introduced, especially by Brabus brand who’s known for its outstanding heavy machinery cars.

Just like last year, BRABUS introduced the Invicto beast armor supercar that focused on a futuristic approach and beast design.

Source: Motor1

But BRABUS didn’t stop here, recently Supercar Blondie made an official revelation of the new BRABUS Crawler and its supreme in every manner.

There’s no doubt, you can avoid the design and the hyper beast look that gives you a pure adventurous vibe with the cockpit seats. The BRABUS Crawler is undoubtedly one of the huge and tallest supercars ever made.

Source: Motor1

If you want something heavy for the desert then Crawler is your beast ready to rumble. It’s unique, different from any other huge cars out there.

BRABUS Crawler – Top Performance and Huge Exterior

 Now, most of you might think that it’s G-Wagon, but it’s not as it resembles the G-Wagon because it’s fully made by BRABUS. Before heading to the design and other features first thing first and that’s the performance.

Source: Motor1

It has an engine and the trend transmission from the G-Wagon apart from that everything in this car is new. Mated to a 9-speed auto gearbox, the mill is now capable of churning out 900 HP and 922 ft. lbs. of twist. (The torque is electronically capped at 774 ft-lbs, though.)

Which means it goes from zero to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. The top speed is limited to 100 mph. The performance is no doubt beast in every manner.

Source: Motor 1

One thing you might be surprised to hear is that in this huge car there are 40-inch wheels installed and 20-inch rims in it which looks way tinier. The design BRABUS kept simple and beast. They went with the full idea of the desert car, with no doors and windows.

On the sideways, you also get to see the big exposed exhaust pipes compare to normal G-Wagons.

Source: Motor 1

One more interesting thing to know is that it’s the first time BRABUS has made a car specifically for off-roading and it means BRABUS Crawler is not road legal at all.

But later, in some markets with few changes inside and out it could be legal but later.  

Source: Motor 1

The front side looks enormous and wide with the big headlights that give an aggressive look. And the back with the big extra wheel and taillights. You can also add a wing at the back of your Crawler.

BRABUS Crawler – Safety First

There’s no point in saying let’s jump inside because the whole car is open. The seats are pure premium, you get your carbon fiber racing bucket seats and four-point harness.

Source: Brabus

The harness you get to see on each seat due to the safety measure.

You also get the infotainment screens and sporty steering wheel with functional buttons. Inside there’s a lot of space to sit and enjoy the bumpy ride in the beast.




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