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Brand New 2 Series On Board! BMW M240i 2022



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There’s no shame in admitting that 2022 has begun with a great start for BMW because from the beginning they have produced an insane number of cars and grabbed everyone’s attention.

Source: Autodrive

BMW has been in the market for more than a decade and produced some great vehicles.

BMW made a big revelation with the “i4 M40”, which grabbed everyone’s attention and showed the world the real meaning of electric vehicles. BMW didn’t stop there and introduced another big thing.

Source: Motor1

BMW M240i and it’s the sporty version of the 2 series until they inevitably launch the M2 series in the market.

The word sporty comes in that means it has speed, top-notch performance, and elegant design.

Source: Motor1

Without wasting more time, let’s hop in to check out some quirks and features of the new M240i.

BMW M240i – Sporty with performance

BMW M series has captured a lot of market with their ultimate performance and design. The brand new M240i has some brilliant things to offer and when it comes to performance it does stand at par level.

Source: Motor1

There are two versions out there, the base model 230i which has 255-hp turbocharged or you can step up to this beast.

BMW M240i has a 382-hp turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. Initially, the 230i is only offered with rear-wheel drive; the M240i is all-wheel-drive only.

Source: BMW USA

There have been some major changes made in this car, one the convertible model has gone and you can only two series as a coupe but a sedan has also joined the party too named “two series grand coupe”.

Apart from performance BMW M240i looks incredibly beautiful and it’s a pure combination of coupe and sport.

Source: Motor1

Once you roam around the car one thing you notice is the branding of the M series from inside to outside of the car.

Going to the back of the car, you get to see the muscular and aggressive rear diffusers with a bulky look.

Source: Motor1

Even the front side also looks more aggressive, especially with the big triangle sides painted in the M240i, if you go with purple color it surely blends in but with others, it does look weird.

Source: Motor1

This car has 19inch wheels and thin spokes they look sporty and there’s also an M logo printed on the rims.

BMW M240i – Sporty Interior

Once you get inside you get to see the premium-looking coupe with the sporty interior and M branding.

Source: Motor 1

The seats feel comfortable as they should with the premium leather and little M color detailing as well.

Source: Motor1

One thing that interests me is the infotainment screen, a multi-panel display so you can several things at once and most importantly it’s configurable.  

Source: Motor1

Another thing to notice is that on doors you get to see that pattern designs like triangles imprinted into the leather which is a lot.

The steering wheel has nothing fancy just the usual BMW M240i one that has some toggle buttons and M branding as well.




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