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2023 BMW iX M60 Comes With 610 HP & It’s A Beast



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BMW’s iX series has potentially catered this year’s electric cars to the next level with more power and making customers go with high-performance mode rather than base one.

For 2023, BMW introduced the iX M60 sporty active vehicle that managed to provide everything that an electric SUV desires to offer.

Source: Motor1

BMW’s idea of mixing a sporty vibe with an SUV surely got some real idea of producing that everyone should love from SUV fans to sporty ones.

It has more powerful specs on paper and s certainly quicker than the base model. But that little extra mph comes with a heavy cost.

2023 BMW iX M60 – High Performance Comes With High Cost

BMW iX M60 is the latest version hitting the road with a sleek design and holds the unimaginable performance that today’s generation wants it.

Source: InsideEvs

BMW iX M60 comes with up to 610 horsepower and more standard equipment than the base model. But one question arises from the bank account. Is it worth spending extra heavy money to have more HP?

Because that one straight speedy line comes at a cost — to both wallet and quality of life.

As BMW stated “More Power”, let’s get into the performance and in-depth speed of this sporty SUV vehicle.

Source: Motor1

The M60’s electric powertrain is based around the same 111.5-kilowatt-hour (105.2 kWh usable) battery as the xDrive50 spec with the same DC and AC charging speed estimates.

The one big difference in M60 is the power output of the dual-motor electric powertrain. M60 produces up to 610 rear-biased horsepower in Sport mode, which is a significant change and added to speed up the performance.

Source: Motor1

In weight manner, BMW iX M60 is the heavyweight beast and heavier than Anthony Joshua and it’s no joke. BMW iX M60 weighs 2,584KG and it’s almighty.

In terms of design upgrades, BMW didn’t bother to make any changes in design and kept it usual with nothing fancy features.

2023 BMW iX M60 – Interior

The interior story is the same as the outside, the only upgrade that you get is you can’t get to the normal X mode and that’s it.

Source: CarExpert

Otherwise, you get the same spacious interior premium leather bucket-shaped seats that offer long drive comfort in every way.

At the back, you get the same bluish leather and space for passenger seats to have a comfortable ride.

Source: Motor1

Earlier this year, BMW had already introduced iX color changing concept SUV that grabbed everyone’s attention at the event.




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