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Everything You Need To Know About New Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo



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Automakers have approached a new way to create unique and spectacular supercars. We all have seen some of the great supercars that were shown in video games such as in Gran Tourismo and everyone expects to have it in reality.

Source: YouTube

Well, very few of them turned into reality and attracted people from every perspective. Just like Nissan Concept Vision inspired by Gran Turismo and it was phenomenal back in 2019.

Looks like Ferrari is also stepping into this area and working on its secret project that caters similar idea.

Source: Ferrari

There are high chances Ferrari might produce a new Laferrari based on the GT version to replace the iconic LaFerrari.

But Ferrari won’t follow the same concept of the V6 liter thing and all. We have some glimpse of information about the new Ferrari LaFerrari and we are going explore it.

New LaFerrari In Development

Gran Turismo’s vision concept car was able to produce 499 HP, but Ferrari digitally modified it to produce 1,100HP and 900 Newton meters of torque, as well as the Gran Turismo, has 3 hyper motor systems same as you get on sf90 Stradale.

Source: ItalPassion

Stradale has an electric motor at the back to help drive the rear wheels, but it has two extra electric motors under the bonnet to drive the front wheels these components give you an extra 220 horsepower. All that means the GT hybrid system cranks out much more power than one in sf90.

Source: Car and Driver

Vision GT makes 326HP, which means the vision GT hypercar can produce a total of 1356HP which is incredibly insane.

That’s way more than any other Ferrari road car ever. Imagine driving this beast at that speed, it’s only can happen in a dream or racing game but Ferrari is doing it in real.

Source: Car and Driver

As per Ferrari, it will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles an hour in less than two seconds and to 120 miles an hour in less than 5 seconds it’s total madness.

Ferrari’s hand is full right now for next year as the Puro Sangre production line is up and running.

This new LaFerrari undoubtedly will take years to come out even as a pure concept, because up till now Ferrari just revealed a few details about their next secret hyper project.




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