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World’s First-Ever Stylish Hyper SUV! Aznom Palladium



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In the super and luxurious car world, new automobiles are joining the elite ones to create something unique for the car lovers out there.

it’s been a great start to 202 when it comes to supercars and elite brands introducing new tech advancements in their cars.

Source: Google

Some even are creating rare editions for the collectors who want to experience something out of this world and stand out among their friends. A company named, Aznom focuses on making historical and dream cars for those who want such automotives in reality.

It’s not like they are new in the market, they have been working for around 15 years and building coaches.

One of the famous YouTubers “Supercar Blondie” got the privilege to go through one of the models and showcase its insane features.  

Source: YouTube

Aznom Palladium is one of the rarest and hyper limousines that grabbed the center of attention.

So, without wasting any more time let’s jump into the main features and some insight details of this metal piece.

Aznom Palladium – Hyper and rarest

For those who are going to think that they can put their money on this beauty, then you better hurry up because Aznom is going to make only 10 Palladium and that’s what they do. Looking at the design, it’s long and gives you luxurious vibes.

Source: Google

One of the coolest features is the boot open because it doesn’t work as a usual one and that’s where you can store your stuff. Fun fact, Aznom provides you with customized luggage that matches the car. Another interesting thing is that it’s Aznom’s first branded car.

Source: Top Speed

Apart from boot open, Palladium is six meters long and almost 2 meters high which is seriously insane. Just the car is big, their tyres are also massive and each tyre is around 20 inches. With these tyres it surely makes this beast a monster in terms of size.

Source: AutoEvolution

Another interesting fact, it’s the world’s longest SEDAN as well. The front side looks incredible, the whole grill lights come to life in a piano manner and that’s how you might identify Aznom Palladium in the future.

Source: Forbes

This beast comes with a 5.7-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 generating over 700 horsepower. When it comes to luxurious cars Rolls Royce stands tall and at the start of 2022 Rolls Royce launched the “Ghost Black badge.”

Aznom Palladium – Lounge seat at the back

You might have seen lounge type of seats at the back in concept cars, but not in production ones.

Source: Motor1

In Aznom Palladium you will see and it’s another unique feature that no one has ever done it before. A big lounge seat with plenty of room at the back.

Some might don’t like this idea, then what? No need to worry about it, as it can be customized and you can have two separate seats at the back.

Source: Motor1

The seat quality with Italian leather and stitching design gives you a premium feel and comfort with soft cushions.   

The front side is also covered with leather and even the dashboard is also covered in leather as well. The steering wheel also looks luxurious with the leather cover-up and gives you a Rolls Royce vibe too.




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