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“Darkest Car Ever Produced” Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge 2022



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The year is about to come to an end and guess what car companies are revealing their upcoming supercar luxurious cars. Although they had already showcased this year’s awesome cars and grabbed a high intense amount of audience attention.

Source: InsideEVs

But it looks like for some elite car companies the party isn’t over. Rolls Royce one of the most luxurious supercar producers in the world has got something special to offer.

In the early of this year, Rolls Royce already introduced their two supercars and especially their Ghost edition which was premium in every way. But they had some other plan and decided to surprise their loyal Rolls Royce customers out there.

Yesterday, Rolls Royce had the secret revelation of their new 2022 luxurious car edition in the Ghost area and Supercar Blondie got the privilege to witness the moment.

Rolls Royce Black Badge that’s the surprising car of the most dominant manufacturer in the luxurious car category.

Source: Motor1

Rolls Royce Black Badge looks amazing with that shining black color and gives you full VIP vibes in every manner. The outer design as usual stays looks neat and outstanding.

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge 2022 – Exterior

Source: CNET

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge fulfills every side of the supercar and delivers superb performance too. For those who don’t know, Black Badge is Rolls Royce’s special edition of a darker theme that holds a sportier feel in it.

This car holds 45 KG paint and that’s why it’s the darkest black car currently revealed. For the first time, you get to see the light-up grill with the ghost series.

Source: Indiatimes

The grill looks shiny and it reflects the light in a great manner. They have designed the grill in such a manner that it gives you the perfect balance of light at night.

The rims are 21 inches with 22 layers of carbon fiber that looks insane if you look it closely.

Source: Autocar

The back also doesn’t have any extravaganza element, they kept it clean and neat with the classic design.

But people who know Rolls Royce, they eager to look inside the car and witness the internal beauty.

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge – Interior

Now the real magic begins, an amazing combination of darker colors inside of the car looks incredible. The starlight roof stayed the same. Fun fact, the ghost is one of those cars which you can modify anytime you want without any issue.

Source: Rolls Royce

The seat looks exceptional with the color combination, the front side functional area and infotainment screen takes the spotlight somehow.

In the back passenger seat door, you will find a Rolls Royce umbrella no doubt on that. On the back, you get every facility that a luxury car should be offering and Rolls Royce is one of them.

Source: Business Insider

The steering wheel also stays the same just like old Rolls Royce Ghost ones with the important functional buttons on them.

Rolls Royce has just revealed the car, they didn’t launch it or announce any specific release date. But this Black Badge edition of ghost delivers everything that Rolls Royce promise to.




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