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Big Shift By Mercedes! Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader



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Mercedes Maybach is known for their luxurious and super elegant cars. They have made their market in the presidential world where corporate elite class people mainly utilize Maybach cars.

Source: Motor1

Because it offers all the luxurious facilities and features that don’t fit normally in daily driving car.

But Mercedes Maybach decided to bring something unique and let’s get off the road. Yeah! World’s first-ever Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader and it’s incredible.

Source: YouTube

In size manner, it’s a huge, unique design and you cannot avoid it without appreciating it.

Being distinctive from others, it also offers you many extraordinary features that might blow your mind.

One of the most interesting facts, Virgil one of the most popular designers who lost his life last year, he was collaborated with Mercedes to design one of the off-roaders Maybach.

Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader – Unique Design

It’s satisfying to see Mercedes Maybach come out of its comfort shell and produce something that people would love to see it.

For those of you who don’t know, the Mercedes Maybach off-Roader is a high-riding luxury coupe concept that delivers different forms.

Source: Motor1

There’s nothing Mercedes inspired from and took the ideas of their previous models. The design was created from scratch and that’s the reason it’s eye-appealing.

Source: Motor 1

One of the interesting features of the design is the taillights which are impressive. Two round Maybach badge taillight on each side. Then you also get the long roll cage and the size of the car is the same as Maybach 6 concept.

If you look at Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader from a side view, it surely looks huge and long enough to hide kids behind.

The whole idea behind the design is to create something out of the luxurious Maybach and give it Virgil ablo spin.

Source: Motor1

The front side also looks stunning where you get the luxury pinstripes, massive spotlights on the front, and even on roll cages too.

The long Bonner of the car is full of solar panels and it’s looking freaking awesome in every manner. As it’s going to be off-road so you get massive 17-inch tyres and then these off-roaders.

Maybach is known for highly super luxurious cars and even in the early 2022 Maybach introduced World’s most luxurious interior Maybach in their recent model.

Mercedes Maybach Off-Roader – Interior

There’s no point you won’t be impressed with the exterior design and that off-road look that was inspired by Virgil’s idea. Now it’s time to enter the Off-Roader, the moment you open the door and you won’t believe it.

Source: Motor 1

One of the eye-catching things inside the car are seats designed in a suitcase manner.  The passenger seat can transform into a bed and that’s something you won’t see in any other car.

Source: Wallpaper

The interior is based on both an industrial and modern look. You get the massive infotainment screen, two-tone interior, and an incredible amount of usage of carbon fiber.

Fun fact, this model won’t be coming out in the market as it’s just a concept car although they have taken inspiration from it and created the Virgil Albo Maybach edition and they are making only 150 out of it.




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