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Fashionable & Style Statement! Mercedes Maybach FUR Edition



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Mercedes Maybach is considered one of the most luxurious and stylish sedans roaming on the road that captures everyone’s attention towards it.

No doubt, Maybach has got some class to cater and that’s the reason it’s been years they have been producing some of the greatest models.

Source: YouTube

Mercedes Maybach again is back, but this time famous YouTuber Supercar Blondie brought a special Maybach that resembles fashion and it’s beyond expectation.

Meaning Mercedes Maybach has raised their bar when it comes to luxury and leveled up to create something that reflects fashion.

Source: Motor1

It brings you Mercedes “Maybach Extreme FUR EDITION” and the concept of the car has been revealed yet. It will be on the road and very few can experience this beauty.

It’s the concept “Haute Voiture” and it’s going to be super limited Maybach that’s coming to the market and it looks exceptional.

Source: Motor1

You cannot take your eyes off the exterior of it and you might take two or three rounds to look at every detail.

Maybach Extreme FUR EDITION – Fashionable

How you are going to recognize on the road that it’s the FUR Edition? First, it has the exclusive color combination of nautical blue on light rose and they have also for the first time matched nautical blue to the wheel.

Inside the trunk, you get the matching bags that would help you to carry your stuff in style. The front looks incredible with the sleek sophisticated design and the grill that goes with it as well.

Source: Motor1

The back also looks great and especially the color combination all over the exterior makes this beauty gorgeous in every manner.

Source: Motor1

A few months back, Mercedes already introduced the Maybach off-roader that looked totally different from other Maybach models released in the past years.

No other details regarding performance or prize have been disclosed by Mercedes yet.

Maybach Extreme FUR EDITION – Fashionable Interior

Remember it is in preproduction and still once you open the door things will change. You will enter the high fashion couture of the car, especially in the back passenger seats.

Source: Motor1

Nowadays most the automakers are going with minimalistic interiors, but Maybach decided to put every luxury component that would make this car insanely fashionable.

On the door, you get to see the weaving technique that has been inspired by Channel. At the back, you get to your own fur pillow and the comfort of heaven the moment you sit on the seats. Spacious back with infotainment screen and another entertainment facility as well.

Source: Motor1

Little tiny details on the seats make you fall in love with them. Plus, you get to see fur inside the car a lot and that’s because it’s part of high fashion.

Source: Motor1

The steering wheel looks similar to every Maybach luxury car and the white tone interior compliments completely.





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