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Luxury Monster Truck! Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared



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This is the 2023 Mercedes AMG G63 4X4 Squared and it’s monstrous in every way. It’s bigger, better, and better.

Just like its brother, the 4X4 version isn’t just a beast in terms of performance and exterior. But it also offers you luxury and that’s what makes this monster expensive.

Source: Top Gear

It’s ridiculously giant and massive. It might sound weird but once you look at it only one word comes out of your mouth, luxury squared box and indeed it is.

This Mercedes AMG G63 4X4 Squared raise the bar to a whole new level and exhibits that they don’t have any limits.

Source: Motor1

From exterior to interior to performance everything we are going to look around and review this gigantic luxury beast.

Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared – Huge In Size & Super In Performance

Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 in terms of height, a top roofline nearly eight feet high, and it’s way taller than you expect.

As Mercedes claimed that it’s their monster truck with the leveled-up version of the previous edition AMG G63 6X6, but this one is listed with higher ground clearance and more off-road capabilities.

Source: Motor1

Heading to the performance gate, under the hood sits the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 found in the regular G63 model, though here it’s boosted from 577 hp to 585 hp.

The exterior of this beast is huge, as mentioned its height and it can move forward in the water with 35 inches of water fording.

Source: Motor1

To support the height, 22inches wheels wrapped in huge all-terrain tires are beefy cape capable, and these wheels legit compliment the exterior design.

You can also see the huge flare on the front to rear which has been the Hallmark of 4X4 Square that kept the tradition on.

Source: Motor1

On the front side, you get the see the massive still grill with the Mercedes badge placed in the middle and a lot of usage of metal can be seen.

The back is the usually designed one that we all have been getting in other G-Wagon models.

Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared – Not So Luxurious

Inside the Mercedes AMG G63 4X4 Squared, you get to see the not-so-luxurious but premium-quality stuff. There’s no way you would avoid anything once you get into this luxurious beast.

Source: Autocar India

To give the classy look, they have gone with old school Mercedes interior, nostalgic center console controller, and knob. Being in the modern era, this model has no touchscreen infotainment screen and that’s why you need to use a console controller.

Source: Automotive Group

You also get to see the use of premium leather inside the car on the dashboard, passenger side handle, and seats as well.

The exterior roared that it was some luxurious G Wagon, but inside it was the regular one nothing luxurious except a few little things.




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