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Best PlayStation Car Racing Games For 2022



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If you are into gaming then you cannot wait to get your hands on the best racing games out there, because nowadays racing games have revolutionized themselves as per the modern demand.

Racing games have become more realistic and technical which develops interest among real racing game lovers out there.

Source: GamesRadar

The racing game genre is vast and filled with some great games that hook gamers for hours finishing every track.

There are three main platforms where gamers do gaming PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. No doubt Xbox does have some racing games, but cannot beat what PlayStation holds in its racing library.

Source: GameRanx

Hands down PlayStation holds some of the greatest racing games in their library and today we are going to explore the best racing games for 2022 that every racing game lover should play.

Best Racing Games For 2022 – Buckle Up Your Seat Belts

In this list, you will get both PS4 and PS5 racing games. So, without wasting any time let’s change your gear for a smooth ride.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is Sony and Polyphony Digital’s flagship racing series, powerslides onto PlayStation consoles and they have released a new edition Gran Turismo 7 this year.

Source: WaytoomanyGames

With the most realistic graphics, technical leaps, and other incredible features surely highlight that it’s made for the next-gen console.

But PS4 users can also experience the new ride and compete with online competitors.

Source: YouTube

From modest compacts to wild Vision GT concept cars, there are 424 cars to unlock and race on 24 real-world and fantasy tracks — each with multiple configurations.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assestto Corsa Competizione is a pure sim-racing game that doesn’t have GT7-like graphics and mainly focuses on racing.

Source: Steam

It also lacks much of the breadth and variety of, say, Gran Turismo or Xbox’s Forza series. 

But for the pro racing fans, it might be the best cake out there for them, because of the specific style of racing looking for a more serious sim with a more fleshed-out offline play that GT Sport currently offers.

Assetto Corsa Competizione_20200625213539

In short, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get a sip of it and that’s what makes Assetto Corsa Competizione different.

F1 2021

Source: EA Games

The latest addition to the F1 franchise F1 2021 provides a whole new experience with new tracks, updated cars, and a new My Team mode that lets you build and grow your F1 franchise, rather than play one of the established teams.

One of the most interesting additions in F1 2021 is the brand-new Braking Point mode.

Source: Steam

For those who don’t know, Braking Point is a narrative story mode that follows your player as you navigate the victories, defeats, and rivalries on track — as well as the drama off-track and in the pits — over multiple years of your F1/F2 career.

If you have seen the documentary “Drive to Survive” or movies like Rush then it’s going to be one of your favorite modes in F1 2021.

Project Cars 3

Source: Steam

Project Cars has always been considered to be one of the most famous sim-racing games out there until Project cars 3 was released which offered a different taste to the players and changed the root of the game that predecessors have been running for the past decades.

Source: Steam

Project Cars 3 has gone into the more accessible and, for many, more fun world of arcade racers.

The controls are more forgiving, the graphics are brighter and shinier. The entire game has been restructured to be more accessible to casual gamers and franchise newcomers.




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