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Surprising Entry! Acura MDX Type S 2023 Edition



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Acura has shown the world that it can produce some of the great supercars in every category and fulfill customers’ demands in style.

Source: Car and Driver

In the past few years, Acura has shocked the vehicle world and given tough competition to all the elite automobile brands out there.

Although, this year Acura has spread out their models everywhere with back-to-back cars and the revelation of the Acura Integra 2023.

Source: Motor1

But no one was ready for this one, Acura MDX Type S is a sporty SUV and it’s the high-performance version of the model.

Source: Motor1

It’s surprising because MDX has never been a fan of performance as it has always been known for family SUV and this shift surely transform MDX’s future.

This beautiful looking Acura MDX Type S sporty SUV costs you around $70,000 and today we are going to review it.

Acura MDX Type S – High-Performance & Exterior Design

The first thing to get into the details of the Acura MDX Type S, it’s none other than the performance and engine that makes her faster.

Source: Motor1

This sportier trim level comes with a turbocharged 355-hp 3.0-liter V6. It provides satisfying acceleration and is a welcome alternative should you find the 290-hp base engine to be underwhelming for an SUV of this size.

This model is very conservative, very traditional, and not very daring but there are elements in this car that make MDX into high performance with several upgrades and 21inch wheels are one of them.

Source: Motor1

This car has much bigger brakes Brembo is a brand of performance and so is the MDX Type S.

Coming to the exterior design isn’t fancy or luxurious and looks similar to the standard MDX model. But to give a sporty look some features might be worth looking at them.

Source: Motor1

The exhaust which is coupled with a little extra rear diffuser gives it a more sporty vibe and distinguishes it from the standard model.

Source: Motor1

The front grill kind of looks amazing, as the design explodes into tiny pieces of the Acura logo, and the Acura badge is placed in the middle placement of the grill.

The overall exterior is conservative, with nothing cool or fancy that would make much hype or anything.

Acura MDX Type S – Interior Upgrades

Acura MDX Type S has upgraded the car from the outside, but what’s the inside upgrade that justifies the price tag? And among a few interior upgrades, seats are one of them.

Source: Motor1

You can see the lined stitching of patterns going across nice soft leather intended to be a luxurious upgrade. To make your ride more comfortable, you also get the massaging seats with one button press in front of all the functional toggles and buttons.

Source: Motor1

You also get the flat bottom steering wheel, a sleek updated infotainment screen, and the over interior surely justifies the $70,000 price tag.




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