Audi announces the launch of its dynamic SUV- RS Q8 2020 which will be available in the coming year to the people. The car is all ready to set the roads on fire with its fast mechanism and high aerodynamics. The launching event took place in LA’s Auto Show, 2019.

Recently, the company announced the news of RS 6 Avant 2020 which is a V8 turbocharged motor and the fastest wagon. Audi Sport is working further on extending its RS series with ground-breaking global vehicles and unique drives to create ultimate experiences for the people.

Welcoming a good start, the new RS Q8 has already received the title of the fastest SUV at the Nürburgring covering a lap time of 7 minutes and 42 seconds approx. It incorporates a 4.0-liter V8 turbocharged engine that has the capability of producing 592 horsepower along with 590 pound-feet of torque. The car consists of a mild-hybrid system and a functioning 8-cylinder muscle that allows the car to hit 62 mph within 3.8 seconds. Comparing it to the Lamborghini URUS, the car is just two-tenths slower than Urus but covers the same top speed I.e. 189.5 mph.

Audi will have the RS Q8 on sale in European countries from the first quarter of 2020, with pricing in domestic market Germany to kick off at €127,000.

The Design:

The design of Q8 is an attractive version of a Coupe with a robust all-wheel-drive system. With a mild-hybrid system, the car provides maximum efficiency and high-performance on the roads. This new RS version follows the same pattern as RS radiator grille that embeds a single frame with side air inlets. Further, the massive tailpipes and rear-spoiler along with the factory-installed giant rubber tires give an edgy touch to the vehicle.

The Exterior:

The exterior of the car offers luxury and comfort. With SUV-enabled features and RS-featured grille, the car stands out amongst other SUVs. The roof-spoiler provides a more prominent sports look to the car while the immense tires measure up to 295/40 with 22-inch rims. The all-wheel-drive system offers safety and protection on the roads enabling the car to produce maximum torque. The glossy black touch on the display and the honeycomb pattern generates a good sporty impression on its audiences.

The Interior:

The inside is visually-aesthetic as it incorporates black leather and Alcantara trim. With an RS flat-bottom steering wheel and a virtual cockpit, the car provides stability and durability to drivers. The unique features and control options provide an added-advantage to the drivers.

Driving Experience:

The car optimizes the driving experience while creating smoothness on the road. It has a simple and eye-catching design that provides high-tech efficiency with improved performance. The futuristic look and the well-designed features allow drivers to control the car even in emergencies and enjoy their journey with steady working mechanisms.

Final Outlook:

The RS Q8 is wilder and exceptional than its recent RS sport versions. It will be released in 2020 in Europe. The company aims to offer a dynamic SUV for €127,000. With this new fastest SUV, the brands will have to think about launching their new SUVs next.