The word ‘IE’ stands for Intensa Emozione’ which means Intense Emotions as the Apollo debuts its Apollo IE series in the form of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles. The brand brings back fresh GTI days as it pays tribute to the 90s and launches limited-edition cars to create an emotional drive experience for the users.

Apollo IE ML Golden Dragon is finally here and it looks more dynamic than any other hypercar ever built on this planet. The word ML defines a Meaningful Life whereas the Golden Dragon matches the theme and the design of the car. The Golden Dragon was first revealed in an event that occurred in Japan.

The Golden color Apollo IE is a combination of luxury and wilderness at the same time. The perfect carbon-fiber body offers a triple exhaust system with a V12 engine. The exterior and interior design of the car is developed keeping the safety and comfort in mind. While the car is a new addition in the dynamic series of Apollo IE, it’s also one of the most anticipated EV hypercars of the year.

Apollo IE ML Golden Dragon

A car with its own soul. A car that provides the driver with a modern, yet nostalgically pure, unadulterated sensory experience. A car that is fuel for the senses. A car that lives and breathes with intense emotion.

This is Intensa Emozione. This is the Apollo IE.

The Design:

Apollo IE’s design team has invested a lot of time in creating this magnificent beauty that justifies its theme and sparks some deep emotions in people while forming a connection with them that is out of this world.

The team describes ML Golden Dragon as something that delivers a meaningful life and keeps improving. The strong bodywork and unique elements make the car more challenging and prepare it to face any condition in life and on the roads. The chameleon Golden Dragon adapts to the environment and changes colors under different lighting systems.

The Exterior:

The carbon-fiber structure integrated with a carbon-fiber monocoque allows drivers to travel safely within their comfort limits. The electrical hydraulic system and the suspension system fit the design of the car and assist drivers in different situations.

The beautiful creation is powered by a 6.3-liter V12 engine. With a hp of 780 and a torque of 759, the car can race up to 0-100 km/hr in just 3 seconds. The ‘spoon’ rear wing and the perfect aerodynamics of the car provide high-efficiency to its users.

The Interior:

Apollo IE ML Golden Dragon

The inside of the car is futuristic and visually-appealing to the people. It’s quite different as compared to other hypercars as the seating concept is tailored to meet the requirements and needs of the driver.

The carbon-fiber steering wheel with a robust display is well-suited for the tracks. The display system integrates a clear set of customized options to control different systems in the car.

Final Outlook:

The Apollo IE ML Golden Dragon is a limited-edition as the automakers announced that only 10 versions of this car will be made and sold to the lucky owners. With a top speed of 334 km/hr. and a 780 horsepower, the car achieves high-functionality on the roads and provides unique engineering concepts to its admirers.

The EV hybrid car also offers maximum refinement to users and shows great potential in the future.