The DBX makes its debut in the SUV world with high-tech features and extreme comfort. The iconic sports car makers, Aston Martin is well-recognized for its prominent wheels and dynamic designs. According to the company, DXB will provide mobility and liveliness with an ultimate off-road experience. It will offer unique capabilities and luxurious options to boost efficiency on the roads.

Aston Martin receives global recognition for launching its massive production line and transforming experiences for the world through its ultimate series of versatile and wild sports cars. Now, the company has launched its very own super-expensive SUV that will provide better convenience to families.

Aston’s first SUV will be available in the market from May 2020 as announced by the company with the starting price of $192,086. This ultra-expensive SUV will provide robust auto-engineering concepts with customized options.


The Design:

The car offers contemporary features with a unique infotainment system. The design is exceptional and offers integrated Android and Apple CarPlay system for enhanced connectivity. Further, the car is crash-tested to ensure the safety of the passengers. It also offers driver-assistance technology to provide stability and convenient features for easy traveling.


  • Aston Martin launches fourth car of transformational Second Century Plan
  • First SUV for 106-year-old luxury British marque
  • Delivers broadest design brief of any Aston Martin in history
  • Broad range of capability from sport-scar dynamics to off-road versatility

The Exterior:

The DBX SUV 2020 comprises a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine which has the capability to produce 542 horsepower and 516 pound-feet torque. The car integrates a nine-speed automatic transmission system supplied by Mercedes AMG. As per Aston, the vehicle will be able to hit 0-60 mph within 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 181 mph. The hybrid system will follow an all-electric version soon. The rear-wheel-drive offers maximum torque while the aluminum-bonded dampers and air springs provide stability to passengers. The well-designed car is easy-looking and offers more potential while driving.

The Interior:


The interior optimizes comfort and convenience for the passengers and drivers. The inside cabin is an elegant touch of art incorporated with fine leather and softer elements. The interior exhibits a combined work of metal and wood pieces at some places. The equipment and features are yet to be shared by the company. However, DBX offers a digital gauge cluster, climate control settings, rear-seat space, and plenty of space for adults.  The car also offers almost 22 cubic feet space for cargo and 54 cubic feet space for rear seat-folding.

The Driving Experience:

This high-end luxury SUV offers multiple options with Auto-integrated features that provide balance to the drivers on the roads. Creating an ultimate SUV experience is still challenging for the carmakers as its only the beginning. However, users and sports enthusiasts are still looking forward to it.

Final Outlook:

Overall, Aston’s worth in the market can be determined by its rich history and production line along with building customer experiences. Therefore, the launching of its high-tech SUV drive will open room for more improvements and opportunities for the automakers. The car is all ready to hit the markets in 2020 with the current set price of $192,086.